20 Useful English Expressions Followed by “-ing”

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English is full of expressions that are typically followed by verbs in the “-ing” form, adding a dynamic aspect to sentences. These expressions can describe a variety of situations, from actions in progress to reasons and reactions. This blog post lists 20 common expressions followed by “-ing” forms, providing a straightforward explanation and a concise example for each. Understanding these patterns can greatly improve both your spoken and written English.

Expressions Followed by “-ing”

1. Look forward to

Meaning: To anticipate something with excitement.

Example: She looks forward to meeting you.

2. Be used to

Meaning: To be accustomed to something.

Example: He is used to working late.

3. Get used to

Meaning: To become accustomed to something.

Example: They are getting used to living in New York.

4. Be busy

Meaning: Actively engaged in doing something.

Example: He is busy preparing dinner.

5. Have difficulty

Meaning: To find something challenging.

Example: She has difficulty focusing.

6. Have fun

Meaning: Enjoy doing something.

Example: They had fun playing games.

7. Spend time

Meaning: Use time to do something.

Example: She spends time reading.

8. Be interested in

Meaning: To have an interest in something.

Example: I am interested in learning French.

9. Avoid doing

Meaning: To deliberately not do something.

Example: He avoids going there.

10. Consider doing

Meaning: Think about possibly doing something.

Example: We are considering moving.

11. Feel like

Meaning: Have the desire to do something.

Example: I feel like going for a walk.

12. Keep on

Meaning: Continue doing something.

Example: She keeps on singing.

13. Go on

Meaning: Continue doing something.

Example: He went on talking.

14. Insist on

Meaning: Demand something forcefully.

Example: She insisted on paying.

15. Plan on

Meaning: Intend to do something.

Example: We plan on visiting you.

16. Give up

Meaning: Stop trying to do something.

Example: He gave up smoking.

17. Think about

Meaning: Consider something.

Example: She is thinking about changing jobs.

18. Succeed in

Meaning: Achieve success in doing something.

Example: He succeeded in fixing the car.

19. Result in

Meaning: Cause a particular outcome.

Example: The mistake resulted in a delay.

20. Apologize for

Meaning: Say sorry for something.

Example: She apologized for being late.

Expressions Followed by ing

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