20 Ways to Say “You’re Welcome”

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Responding to thanks can be as important as giving thanks. Saying “You’re welcome” is a basic form of politeness, recognized universally. However, there are many other expressions you can use to convey the same sentiment, each adding a slightly different flavor to your conversation. Here are 20 different ways to respond to “thank you,” along with their meanings and succinct examples, providing you with a richer palette of language for your daily interactions.

Ways to Say “You’re Welcome”

1. No problem

Meaning: The help or service was not a hassle for you.

Example: “No problem, I had to drop it off anyway.”

2. My pleasure

Meaning: You enjoyed helping.

Example: “My pleasure, I’m glad to assist!”

3. Not at all

Meaning: It was no trouble.

Example: “Not at all, it was an easy fix.”

4. Don’t mention it

Meaning: The help given was not significant enough to warrant thanks.

Example: “Don’t mention it, it’s what neighbors are for!”

5. It’s nothing

Meaning: The effort was minimal.

Example: “It’s nothing, glad I could help!”

6. Happy to help

Meaning: Pleased to have been of assistance.

Example: “Happy to help with your project!”

7. Anytime

Meaning: You would help again without hesitation.

Example: “Anytime, just give me a call!”

8. That’s okay

Meaning: Assuring that the assistance was not inconvenient.

Example: “That’s okay, I wasn’t busy.”

9. Sure thing

Meaning: Definitely or of course.

Example: “Sure thing, I’ll always lend a hand!”

10. Of course

Meaning: It was expected or obvious to help.

Example: “Of course, anytime you need.”

11. It was the least I could do

Meaning: Minimal help compared to what could have been done.

Example: “It was the least I could do under the circumstances.”

12. Glad to be of service

Meaning: Happy to help or serve.

Example: “Glad to be of service, hope it works out!”

13. Mention it not

Meaning: Do not feel obliged to thank.

Example: “Mention it not, I was happy to help.”

14. Think nothing of it

Meaning: It was not a big deal.

Example: “Think nothing of it, I had the time.”

15. You’re welcome!

Meaning: The standard, polite response.

Example: “You’re welcome! Call if you need more help.”

16. Not a bother

Meaning: It was easy to help.

Example: “Not a bother at all, glad to assist.”

17. I’m here for you

Meaning: Ready to offer help whenever needed.

Example: “I’m here for you, anytime you need support.”

18. Always welcome

Meaning: The thanks are always appreciated.

Example: “Always welcome, glad I could help!”

19. My duty

Meaning: It was a responsibility or obligation.

Example: “My duty, I’m glad to fulfill it.”

20. No worries

Meaning: There is no need for gratitude.

Example: “No worries, it was easy!”

Ways to Say You're Welcome

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