20 Collocations Related to Renting

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Renting is a common practice in everyday life, whether it’s for a house, an apartment, or equipment. Understanding English collocations with “renting” can enhance your language skills. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs related to renting, complete with meanings and example sentences.

Collocations Related to Renting

1. Renting a House

Meaning: Leasing a residence.

Example: We’re renting a house near downtown.

2. Renting an Apartment

Meaning: Leasing a flat.

Example: She is renting an apartment in the city.

3. Renting a Car

Meaning: Hiring a vehicle.

Example: They are renting a car for the trip.

4. Renting a Room

Meaning: Leasing a single room.

Example: He is renting a room at a hotel.

5. Renting to Own

Meaning: Leasing with purchase option.

Example: They are renting to own the property.

6. Renting Out

Meaning: Leasing to someone.

Example: She is renting out her spare bedroom.

7. Renting for the Summer

Meaning: Leasing for the summer months.

Example: We are renting for the summer vacation.

8. Renting by the Month

Meaning: Leasing month-to-month.

Example: They are renting by the month now.

9. Renting Furnished

Meaning: Leasing with furniture.

Example: She’s renting a furnished apartment downtown.

10. Renting Unfurnished

Meaning: Leasing without furniture.

Example: We are renting an unfurnished house nearby.

11. Renting Privately

Meaning: Leasing directly from the owner.

Example: They are renting privately from the landlord.

12. Renting Commercial Space

Meaning: Leasing business premises.

Example: He is renting commercial space for his store.

13. Renting Office Space

Meaning: Leasing a work area.

Example: She is renting office space downtown.

14. Renting Equipment

Meaning: Leasing tools or machinery.

Example: They are renting equipment for the project.

15. Renting a Vacation Home

Meaning: Leasing a holiday residence.

Example: We are renting a vacation home in Florida.

16. Renting a Studio

Meaning: Leasing a small apartment.

Example: She is renting a studio near her work.

17. Renting a Cottage

Meaning: Leasing a small house.

Example: They are renting a cottage by the lake.

18. Renting on a Short-Term Basis

Meaning: Leasing temporarily.

Example: He is renting on a short-term basis.

19. Renting Sight Unseen

Meaning: Leasing without viewing.

Example: They are renting the apartment sight unseen.

20. Renting Long-Term

Meaning: Leasing for an extended period.

Example: She is renting long-term to save money.

Collocations Related to Renting

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