20 Essential Film Related Vocabulary Terms

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From cinephiles discussing their latest movie favorites to industry professionals crafting cinematic masterpieces, film-related vocabulary is essential for anyone engaged with cinema. Whether you’re writing a review, studying film theory, or just want to chat about movies with friends, knowing these 20 key terms will enhance your understanding and help you communicate more effectively about the world of film.

Film Related Vocabulary Terms

1. Cinematography

Meaning: The art of making motion pictures.

Example: The cinematography in that film was breathtaking.

2. Screenplay

Meaning: The script of a film, including acting instructions and scene directions.

Example: She wrote an award-winning screenplay.

3. Director

Meaning: The person who oversees the creative aspects of a film.

Example: The director made some bold choices in the movie.

4. Genre

Meaning: The category of a film based on its content and style.

Example: It’s a horror genre film.

5. Montage

Meaning: A series of shots edited into a sequence to condense time and information.

Example: The montage showed his journey from novice to expert.

6. Close-up

Meaning: A shot that tightly frames a person or an object.

Example: The close-up captured her emotional reaction.

7. Sequel

Meaning: A film that continues the story of an earlier one.

Example: The sequel picks up right where the first one left off.

8. Dubbing

Meaning: Adding voice tracks to a film in a different language from the original.

Example: The movie was dubbed in Spanish.

9. Box Office

Meaning: The revenue generated by ticket sales for a film.

Example: The film was a box office hit.

10. Trailer

Meaning: A preview or advertisement for a film.

Example: The trailer was released yesterday.

11. Indie

Meaning: A film produced outside the major film studio system.

Example: It’s an indie film with a low budget.

12. CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery)

Meaning: The use of computer graphics in film-making.

Example: CGI made the impossible scenes look real.

13. Premiere

Meaning: The first public performance of a film.

Example: The film’s premiere was last Thursday.

14. Prop

Meaning: An object used on set during the filming.

Example: The gun was just a prop.

15. Score

Meaning: Music composed specifically for a film.

Example: The film’s score was haunting.

16. Edit

Meaning: The process of selecting and combining shots into sequences.

Example: They edit the film to create suspense.

17. Take

Meaning: A single continuous recorded performance.

Example: That scene was done in one take.

18. Shot

Meaning: A single piece of film uninterrupted by cuts.

Example: Each shot was meticulously planned.

19. Critic

Meaning: Someone who evaluates films and writes reviews.

Example: The critic gave the film four stars.

20. Casting

Meaning: The process of selecting actors for various roles in a film.

Example: The casting was perfect for the film.

Film Related Vocabulary Terms

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