20 Everyday English Expressions with COME

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English expressions with the verb “come” can add variety and color to your language. Here are 20 useful idioms and phrasal verbs with “come,” along with their meanings and example sentences to help you understand and use them effectively.

Expressions with COME

1. Come across

Meaning: Find unexpectedly.
Example: I came across an old friend today.

2. Come up with

Meaning: Think of an idea.
Example: She came up with a great plan.

3. Come over

Meaning: Visit someone’s place.
Example: Can you come over for dinner?

4. Come in

Meaning: Enter a place.
Example: Please come in and take a seat.

5. Come down with

Meaning: Become ill.
Example: He came down with the flu.

6. Come out

Meaning: Be revealed or released.
Example: The truth will come out eventually.

7. Come along

Meaning: Accompany someone.
Example: Would you like to come along?

8. Come through

Meaning: Succeed or complete.
Example: He always comes through in emergencies.

9. Come back

Meaning: Return.
Example: She will come back next week.

10. Come by

Meaning: Visit briefly.
Example: You can come by anytime.

11. Come up

Meaning: Be mentioned.
Example: The topic came up during the meeting.

12. Come down

Meaning: Decrease or descend.
Example: Prices have come down recently.

13. Come to

Meaning: Regain consciousness.
Example: She came to after fainting.

14. Come off

Meaning: Succeed or happen.
Example: The plan came off perfectly.

15. Come under

Meaning: Experience something unpleasant.
Example: The company came under scrutiny.

16. Come forward

Meaning: Volunteer information.
Example: Witnesses came forward to help.

17. Come apart

Meaning: Break into pieces.
Example: The toy came apart easily.

18. Come before

Meaning: Be more important.
Example: Family comes before work.

19. Come to terms with

Meaning: Accept a difficult situation.
Example: She came to terms with her loss.

20. Come up against

Meaning: Encounter difficulties.
Example: We came up against several issues.

Expressions with COME

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