English Expressions Related to Leisure

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Leisure time is essential for relaxation and rejuvenation. In this blog post, we explore various English expressions that will help you talk about your free time activities more vividly. Whether you’re describing a quiet evening at home or a lively outing with friends, these phrases will enhance your English fluency and help you express yourself more naturally.

Expressions Related to Leisure

1. Leisurely stroll

Meaning: A slow, relaxed walk
Example: They enjoyed a leisurely stroll by the lake.

2. Free time

Meaning: Unoccupied or spare time
Example: I read novels in my free time.

3. Spare moments

Meaning: Brief periods of free time
Example: She knits during her spare moments.

4. Unwind at home

Meaning: Relax at home
Example: He likes to unwind at home with jazz.

5. Hang out

Meaning: Spend time relaxing
Example: We hang out at the mall on weekends.

6. Catch a movie

Meaning: Go to watch a film
Example: Let’s catch a movie tonight.

7. Play board games

Meaning: Engage in tabletop games
Example: They play board games every Friday.

8. Go clubbing

Meaning: Visit nightclubs
Example: She goes clubbing with friends.

9. Take a break

Meaning: Pause to relax
Example: I need to take a break now.

10. Hit the gym

Meaning: Go to the fitness center
Example: He hits the gym every morning.

11. Read leisurely

Meaning: Read in a relaxed way
Example: She reads leisurely by the pool.

12. Browse the internet

Meaning: Surf the web casually
Example: I browse the internet for recipes.

13. Have a picnic

Meaning: Eat outdoors in a park
Example: We have a picnic on Sundays.

14. Go hiking

Meaning: Walk in the countryside
Example: They go hiking in the mountains.

15. Visit a museum

Meaning: Go to see exhibitions
Example: Let’s visit a museum this weekend.

16. Take up a hobby

Meaning: Start a new hobby
Example: I’ve taken up gardening recently.

17. Watch TV

Meaning: View television programs
Example: We watch TV in the evenings.

18. Play sports

Meaning: Participate in sports activities
Example: She plays sports every Thursday.

19. Listen to music

Meaning: Enjoy music tracks
Example: I listen to music while working.

20. Explore the city

Meaning: Discover new places in the city
Example: They often explore the city on foot.

Expressions Related to Leisure

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