20 Interesting Expressions With “DO”

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Expressions with “do” are common in everyday English. They add variety and depth to our conversations. Here are 20 interesting idioms and phrasal verbs with “do,” complete with short meanings and example sentences.

1. Do away with

Meaning: Eliminate something.
Example: They want to do away with the old law.

2. Do up

Meaning: Fasten or secure.
Example: Please do up your coat; it’s cold outside.

3. Do over

Meaning: Repeat something.
Example: I need to do over my homework assignment.

4. Do in

Meaning: Exhaust or kill.
Example: The long hike really did me in.

5. Do out of

Meaning: Deprive of something.
Example: He was done out of his inheritance.

6. Do without

Meaning: Manage without something.
Example: We can do without your negative comments.

7. Do with

Meaning: Need or want something.
Example: I could do with a cup of tea.

8. Do someone a good turn

Meaning: Help someone.
Example: She did me a good turn yesterday.

9. Do one’s best

Meaning: Try very hard.
Example: I will do my best to succeed.

10. Do a number on

Meaning: Hurt or damage.
Example: He really did a number on my car.

11. Do one’s bit

Meaning: Make a contribution.
Example: Everyone should do their bit for the environment.

12. Do justice to

Meaning: Represent accurately.
Example: The painting does justice to her beauty.

13. Do well by

Meaning: Treat well.
Example: He has always done well by his employees.

14. Do the dirty work

Meaning: Handle unpleasant tasks.
Example: I always end up doing the dirty work.

15. Do time

Meaning: Serve a prison sentence.
Example: He had to do time for his crimes.

16. Do the trick

Meaning: Achieve the desired result.
Example: A bit of rest will do the trick.

17. Do a double take

Meaning: Look again in surprise.
Example: I did a double take when I saw her.

18. Do battle

Meaning: Fight or argue.
Example: They did battle over the inheritance.

19. Do wonders

Meaning: Have a very good effect.
Example: The new policy has done wonders for sales.

20. Do one’s own thing

Meaning: Act independently.
Example: She prefers to do her own thing at work.

Expressions With DO

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