Learn 20 Expressions with “Clean”

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Expressions with the word “clean” are commonly used in English. They can enhance your language skills and help you sound more fluent. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs with “clean,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Expressions with Clean

1. Clean up

Meaning: Tidy a place.
Example: We need to clean up the room.

2. Clean out

Meaning: Empty a space.
Example: I need to clean out my closet.

3. Clean off

Meaning: Remove dirt from a surface.
Example: Please clean off the table.

4. Clean sweep

Meaning: Complete and thorough victory.
Example: They made a clean sweep in the elections.

5. Clean break

Meaning: Complete separation.
Example: He made a clean break from his past.

6. Clean bill of health

Meaning: A report confirming good health.
Example: She received a clean bill of health from the doctor.

7. Clean as a whistle

Meaning: Very clean or clear.
Example: The kitchen is clean as a whistle now.

8. Clean slate

Meaning: Starting anew without past problems.
Example: They decided to start with a clean slate.

9. Clean up one’s act

Meaning: Improve behavior or performance.
Example: He needs to clean up his act at work.

10. Clean house

Meaning: Remove unnecessary items or people.
Example: They decided to clean the house before moving.

11. Clean living

Meaning: Healthy and moral lifestyle.
Example: She believes in clean living and exercise.

12. Clean the air

Meaning: Resolve a misunderstanding.
Example: We need to clean the air between us.

13. Clean someone’s clock

Meaning: Defeat someone decisively.
Example: He cleaned my clock in chess.

14. Come clean

Meaning: Tell the truth.
Example: She decided to come clean about the mistake.

15. Make a clean breast of it

Meaning: Confess fully.
Example: He made a clean breast of his wrongdoings.

16. Clean-cut

Meaning: Neat and respectable appearance.
Example: He looks very clean-cut in his suit.

17. Clean out someone’s pockets

Meaning: Take all someone’s money.
Example: The taxes cleaned out his pockets.

18. Clean sweep (again)

Meaning: Thorough removal of something.
Example: The new manager made a clean sweep of old policies.

19. Clean break (again)

Meaning: Clear, complete separation.
Example: They decided on a clean break from old traditions.

20. Clean bill

Meaning: Certificate of satisfactory condition.
Example: The car received a clean bill of health.

Expressions with Clean

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