Learn 20 Expressions with “Story”

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Expressions with “story” can enrich your vocabulary and enhance your communication skills. This blog post will explore 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that use the word “story,” along with their meanings and example sentences. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of “story” expressions!

Expressions with Story

1. Tell a story

Meaning: Narrate an account of events.

Example: She loves to tell a story at dinner.

2. Cover story

Meaning: A featured article in a magazine or newspaper.

Example: The scandal made the cover story of the week.

3. Story of my life

Meaning: A recurring or typical experience.

Example: Losing things is the story of my life.

4. Sob story

Meaning: A sad tale to gain sympathy.

Example: He gave a sob story to get money.

5. Long story short

Meaning: To summarize something briefly.

Example: Long story short, we missed the bus.

6. Inside story

Meaning: Secret or confidential information.

Example: She shared the inside story of the breakup.

7. Story goes

Meaning: According to the narrative.

Example: The story goes that he saved the day.

8. Same old story

Meaning: A repeated, boring situation.

Example: It’s the same old story every Monday morning.

9. Make up a story

Meaning: Invent a false narrative.

Example: He made up a story to skip work.

10. Backstory

Meaning: The history behind a character or situation.

Example: The movie revealed the hero’s backstory.

11. Cover up the story

Meaning: Hide the truth about an incident.

Example: They tried to cover up the story quickly.

12. Storybook ending

Meaning: A perfect, happy conclusion.

Example: Their wedding was a storybook ending.

13. Short story

Meaning: A brief fictional narrative.

Example: She wrote a short story about love.

14. Stick to the story

Meaning: Remain consistent with a narrative.

Example: He needs to stick to the story in court.

15. Two sides to every story

Meaning: Different perspectives in a situation.

Example: Remember, there are two sides to every story.

16. Spin a story

Meaning: Create a deceptive or exaggerated narrative.

Example: Politicians often spin a story to win support.

17. Love story

Meaning: A narrative focusing on romantic relationships.

Example: Their love story began in college.

18. Storyline

Meaning: The plot of a narrative.

Example: The movie’s storyline was very captivating.

19. True story

Meaning: An account based on real events.

Example: This book is based on a true story.

20. Have a story to tell

Meaning: To have an interesting experience to share.

Example: After the trip, she had a story to tell.

Expressions with Story

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