15 Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’

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Expressing anger clearly is important for effective communication. This post provides 15 different ways to say “angry,” along with short definitions and example sentences for each term. Expand your vocabulary and learn how to describe anger more precisely and effectively.

Ways to Say ‘Angry’

1. Furious

  • Meaning: Extremely angry
  • Example: She was furious about the unfair decision.

2. Irate

  • Meaning: Very angry
  • Example: The customer was irate over the delay.

3. Incensed

  • Meaning: Enraged
  • Example: He was incensed by the rude comment.

4. Enraged

  • Meaning: Full of rage
  • Example: The coach was enraged by the foul play.

5. Infuriated

  • Meaning: Extremely angry and upset
  • Example: She was infuriated by the constant noise.

6. Livid

  • Meaning: Furiously angry
  • Example: He was livid when he found out the truth.

7. Outraged

  • Meaning: Shocked and angry
  • Example: The community was outraged by the injustice.

8. Wrathful

  • Meaning: Full of intense anger
  • Example: The king was wrathful at the betrayal.

9. Exasperated

  • Meaning: Intensely irritated and frustrated
  • Example: She was exasperated by his constant interruptions.

10. Agitated

  • Meaning: Disturbed and angry
  • Example: He was agitated after the heated argument.

11. Fuming

  • Meaning: Showing anger and frustration
  • Example: She was fuming over the missed opportunity.

12. Seething

  • Meaning: Intensely angry but silent
  • Example: He was seething with anger after the insult.

13. Mad

  • Meaning: Mentally disturbed or angry
  • Example: She was mad at him for forgetting.

14. Boiling

  • Meaning: Extremely angry and ready to explode
  • Example: He was boiling with anger at the delay.

15. Irritated

  • Meaning: Annoyed and slightly angry
  • Example: She was irritated by the constant noise.

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Ways to Say ‘Angry’

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