20 Collocations With the Verb “Meet”

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Collocations are word combinations that commonly occur together. They are essential for natural and fluent English. Here are 20 collocations with the verb “meet” along with their short meanings and example sentences.

Collocations With “Meet”

1. Meet Expectations

Meaning: Fulfill anticipated standards.
Example: The product failed to meet expectations of quality.

2. Meet a Deadline

Meaning: Finish something by a set time.
Example: We need to meet the deadline by Friday.

3. Meet Someone’s Needs

Meaning: Satisfy someone’s requirements.
Example: The company strives to meet customers’ needs efficiently.

4. Meet Requirements

Meaning: Fulfill necessary conditions.
Example: She met all the requirements for the job.

5. Meet a Challenge

Meaning: Successfully deal with a difficult task.
Example: They are ready to meet the challenge ahead.

6. Meet a Goal

Meaning: Achieve an objective.
Example: He worked hard to meet his fitness goals.

7. Meet in Person

Meaning: See someone face-to-face.
Example: Let’s meet in person to discuss this.

8. Meet for Lunch

Meaning: Get together for a meal at midday.
Example: We agreed to meet for lunch tomorrow.

9. Meet Demand

Meaning: Satisfy the need or desire.
Example: The company expanded to meet the growing demand.

10. Meet Standards

Meaning: Conform to established norms.
Example: The product must meet safety standards.

11. Meet Expectations

Meaning: Fulfill anticipated standards.
Example: The movie did not meet our expectations.

12. Meet Resistance

Meaning: Encounter opposition or reluctance.
Example: The proposal met with some resistance.

13. Meet a Friend

Meaning: Encounter or get together with a friend.
Example: I’m going to meet a friend at the park.

14. Meet a Stranger

Meaning: Encounter someone you don’t know.
Example: He felt nervous to meet a stranger.

15. Meet Criteria

Meaning: Fulfill specific standards or requirements.
Example: Applicants must meet the criteria to qualify.

16. Meet the Cost

Meaning: Afford or pay for something.
Example: We need funds to meet the project cost.

17. Meet Your Match

Meaning: Encounter someone equal in ability.
Example: She finally met her match in chess.

18. Meet the Deadline

Meaning: Finish something by a set time.
Example: We rushed to meet the deadline.

19. Meet Again

Meaning: See someone another time.
Example: They planned to meet again next week.

20. Meet a Quota

Meaning: Achieve a set target or amount.
Example: Sales teams strive to meet their monthly quota.

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Collocations With the Verb Meet

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