Learn 20 Workout Phrasal Verbs in English

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Incorporating phrasal verbs related to workouts can enhance your English vocabulary and make your exercise routines more engaging. Here are 20 workout phrasal verbs with their meanings and example sentences to help you understand and use them effectively in your daily fitness activities.

Workout Phrasal Verbs

1. Warm Up

Meaning: Prepare the body for exercise.
Example: She warmed up before her run.

2. Cool Down

Meaning: Allow the body to recover post-exercise.
Example: He cooled down with stretching exercises.

3. Work Out

Meaning: Engage in physical exercise.
Example: They work out at the gym daily.

4. Build Up

Meaning: Increase strength or endurance gradually.
Example: She is building up her stamina.

5. Burn Off

Meaning: Use up calories or fat.
Example: Running burns off extra calories quickly.

6. Slim Down

Meaning: Lose weight or body fat.
Example: He slimmed down by following a diet.

7. Pump Up

Meaning: Inflate muscles through exercise.
Example: Lifting weights pumped up his arms.

8. Tone Up

Meaning: Improve muscle firmness.
Example: Yoga helps tone up your muscles.

9. Stretch Out

Meaning: Extend muscles to prevent injury.
Example: She stretched out before her workout.

10. Step Up

Meaning: Increase the intensity or effort.
Example: He stepped up his training for the race.

11. Push Up

Meaning: An exercise involving lifting your body with arms.
Example: She can do twenty push-ups in a row.

12. Sit Up

Meaning: An exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
Example: He does sit-ups every morning.

13. Pull Up

Meaning: An exercise involving pulling up the body.
Example: He practices pull-ups for upper body strength.

14. Work Off

Meaning: Get rid of by physical effort.
Example: She worked off stress with a run.

15. Knock Out

Meaning: Exhaust completely through exercise.
Example: The intense workout knocked him out.

16. Warm Down

Meaning: Similar to cool down, reduce activity gradually.
Example: She warmed down with light jogging.

17. Bulk Up

Meaning: Gain muscle mass.
Example: He is bulking up for bodybuilding.

18. Drop Out

Meaning: Stop an exercise routine.
Example: He dropped out of the fitness class.

19. Gear Up

Meaning: Prepare mentally and physically.
Example: She geared up for her marathon.

20. Power Through

Meaning: Complete despite difficulty or fatigue.
Example: He powered through the last mile.

Workout Phrasal Verbs

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