20 Essential Collocations for Moving House

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Moving house is often a bustling period filled with tasks, decisions, and of course, a fair bit of stress. Whether you’re relocating across town or to a different city, understanding the common lingo can make the process smoother.

In this blog post, we will explore 20 essential collocations used in the context of moving house. These phrases will not only enhance your vocabulary but also help you communicate more effectively with movers, real estate agents, and even your friends who come over to help. Let’s dive in!

Collocations for Moving House

1. Pack up belongings

Meaning: To place your personal items into boxes or suitcases.

Example: We need to pack up belongings before the movers arrive next week.

2. Change of address

Meaning: To update your home location details with various institutions.

Example: Don’t forget to file a change of address with the post office.

3. Hire movers

Meaning: To employ a company to transport your furniture and boxes to your new home.

Example: We decided to hire movers to avoid the hassle of renting a van.

4. Sign a lease

Meaning: To enter into a rental agreement.

Example: I signed a lease for a new apartment yesterday.

5. Disconnect utilities

Meaning: To terminate services like electricity, water, and gas at your old home.

Example: Remember to disconnect utilities the day after we move out.

6. Connect utilities

Meaning: To set up services like electricity, water, and gas at your new home.

Example: I’ll call to connect utilities at our new place today.

7. Forward mail

Meaning: To arrange for your mail to be sent from your old address to your new one.

Example: It’s important to forward mail to avoid losing important documents.

8. Rent a truck

Meaning: To hire a vehicle for moving your belongings.

Example: We need to rent a truck that’s big enough for all our furniture.

9. Give notice

Meaning: To formally inform your landlord about your intention to leave the rental property.

Example: I gave notice last month, so we need to move out by the 30th.

10. Box up items

Meaning: To put your possessions into boxes.

Example: Let’s start to box up items in the kitchen first.

11. Unpack boxes

Meaning: To remove items from boxes at your new home.

Example: Once the movers leave, we’ll start to unpack boxes immediately.

12. Set up home

Meaning: To arrange and organize your new living space.

Example: It took us a week to set up home and get comfortable.

13. Seal boxes

Meaning: To securely close your packed boxes.

Example: Make sure to seal boxes tightly to prevent things from falling out during the move.

14. Label boxes

Meaning: To mark boxes with their contents and destination room.

Example: Don’t forget to label boxes clearly to make unpacking easier.

15. Estate agent

Meaning: A person who arranges the selling, renting, or management of properties.

Example: The estate agent found a buyer for our old house quickly.

16. Move-in date

Meaning: The specific day when you start living in your new house.

Example: Our move-in date is set for June 1st.

17. Move-out date

Meaning: The specific day when you leave your old house.

Example: Make sure everything is packed by the move-out date.

18. Final walkthrough

Meaning: A last inspection of a property before completing the move.

Example: We have our final walkthrough this Thursday to check everything is as agreed.

19. Cleaning service

Meaning: A professional service hired to clean a home.

Example: We hired a cleaning service to handle the move-out cleaning.

20. Hand over keys

Meaning: To give the keys of your property to the new owner or landlord.

Example: I will hand over keys to the landlord after the final walkthrough.

Collocations for Moving House

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