30 Vocabulary Words Related to Meeting

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, meetings are a staple of corporate life. Whether they’re in-person or virtual, understanding the specific vocabulary related to meetings can enhance communication and ensure you’re contributing effectively.

This blog post will introduce 30 essential words associated with meetings, providing clear definitions and concise examples to help you master meeting lingo quickly.

Vocabulary Words Related to Meetings

1. Agenda

Meaning: List of items to discuss.

Example: “Let’s review the agenda.”

2. Minutes

Meaning: Record of the discussions.

Example: “She took the minutes.”

3. Moderator

Meaning: Person who controls the meeting.

Example: “He’s the moderator today.”

4. Motion

Meaning: Formal proposal on the floor.

Example: “I move a motion to adjourn.”

5. Adjourn

Meaning: End the meeting formally.

Example: “Meeting adjourned at 5 PM.”

6. Quorum

Meaning: Minimum members needed.

Example: “Do we have a quorum?”

7. Unanimous

Meaning: Fully in agreement.

Example: “The decision was unanimous.”

8. Deliberate

Meaning: Discuss in detail.

Example: “Let’s deliberate this point.”

9. Facilitate

Meaning: Help run the meeting.

Example: “She will facilitate the session.”

10. Action Item

Meaning: Task assigned from meeting.

Example: “You have an action item.”

11. Consensus

Meaning: General agreement.

Example: “We reached a consensus.”

12. Delegate

Meaning: Assign responsibility.

Example: “Delegate tasks effectively.”

13. Table

Meaning: Postpone discussion.

Example: “Let’s table that topic.”

14. Ratify

Meaning: Formally approve.

Example: “We need to ratify the changes.”

15. Recap

Meaning: Summarize the points.

Example: “Can you recap the meeting?”

16. Resolution

Meaning: Formal decision.

Example: “They passed a resolution.”

17. Roll Call

Meaning: Call names to record attendance.

Example: “Starting with roll call.”

18. Stakeholder

Meaning: Interested party.

Example: “Consult all stakeholders.”

19. Symposium

Meaning: Formal meeting for discussion.

Example: “Attend the symposium.”

20. Webinar

Meaning: Online seminar.

Example: “Join our next webinar.”

21. Workshop

Meaning: Interactive meeting to learn.

Example: “Sign up for the workshop.”

22. Keynote

Meaning: Main speech.

Example: “He delivered the keynote.”

23. Breakout Session

Meaning: Smaller group discussions.

Example: “Join the breakout session.”

24. Panel

Meaning: Group of experts discussing.

Example: “The panel starts at noon.”

25. Roundtable

Meaning: Discussion with equal participation.

Example: “She chaired the roundtable.”

26. Forum

Meaning: Place for open discussion.

Example: “The forum is open.”

27. Teleconference

Meaning: Meeting via telephone.

Example: “Schedule a teleconference.”

28. Itinerary

Meaning: Detailed plan for meeting.

Example: “Check the itinerary.”

29. Convene

Meaning: Come together for meeting.

Example: “The committee will convene.”

30. Adjournment

Meaning: Suspension until another time.

Example: “Announce the adjournment.”

Vocabulary Words Related to Meeting

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