20 Expressions with “End” in English

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Expressions with the word “end” are common in English and can add depth to your language skills. In this blog post, we will explore 20 different expressions that use “end,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Expressions with End

1. At the end of the day

Meaning: Ultimately, finally.

Example: At the end of the day, we succeeded.

2. End of the line

Meaning: Final point, conclusion.

Example: This is the end of the line for negotiations.

3. To that end

Meaning: For that purpose.

Example: He studied hard. To that end, he passed.

4. End up

Meaning: Result in, finish.

Example: They will end up moving to Canada.

5. The bitter end

Meaning: Until the conclusion.

Example: She stayed until the bitter end.

6. No end in sight

Meaning: No foreseeable conclusion.

Example: The traffic jam had no end in sight.

7. End of story

Meaning: That’s final, no more discussion.

Example: You are grounded, end of story.

8. In the end

Meaning: Finally, ultimately.

Example: In the end, they got married.

9. End one’s rope

Meaning: Out of options.

Example: I’m at the end of my rope with this project.

10. End result

Meaning: Final outcome.

Example: The end result was very satisfying.

11. Means to an end

Meaning: A method to achieve something.

Example: He saw the job as a means to an end.

12. At wit’s end

Meaning: Very frustrated.

Example: She was at her wit’s end with her kids.

13. End of the world

Meaning: Catastrophic event.

Example: Losing the match wasn’t the end of the world.

14. End of an era

Meaning: Significant conclusion.

Example: His retirement marked the end of an era.

15. Hold up one’s end

Meaning: Fulfill a responsibility.

Example: He promised to hold up his end of the deal.

16. Make ends meet

Meaning: Manage financially.

Example: It’s hard to make ends meet on one salary.

17. Dead end

Meaning: A point where no further progress can be made.

Example: The project hit a dead end.

18. At loose ends

Meaning: Not occupied.

Example: After the job ended, he was at loose ends.

19. Odds and ends

Meaning: Miscellaneous items.

Example: She packed up the odds and ends.

20. Tail end

Meaning: The last part.

Example: We caught the tail end of the concert.

Expressions with End

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