20 Relationship Expressions in English

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Understanding relationship expressions is essential for clear communication. This post covers 20 common expressions related to relationships, providing short meanings and example sentences for each. These expressions will help you navigate conversations about relationships more effectively.

Relationship Expressions

1. Hit it off

Meaning: Get along well
Example: They hit it off immediately.

2. Fall for

Meaning: Start to love
Example: She fell for him quickly.

3. Break up

Meaning: End a relationship
Example: They decided to break up yesterday.

4. Make up

Meaning: Reconcile
Example: They made up after the fight.

5. Drift apart

Meaning: Gradually become distant
Example: They started to drift apart over time.

6. Get over

Meaning: Recover from
Example: It took months to get over him.

7. Move on

Meaning: Start anew
Example: She moved on after the breakup.

8. Ask out

Meaning: Invite on a date
Example: He asked her out last night.

9. Settle down

Meaning: Start a stable life
Example: They decided to settle down together.

10. Split up

Meaning: Separate
Example: They split up after years together.

11. Patch things up

Meaning: Resolve differences
Example: They patched things up eventually.

12. Fall out

Meaning: Have a disagreement
Example: They fell out over money.

13. Hook up

Meaning: Casual relationship
Example: They hooked up at the party.

14. Hit on

Meaning: Flirt with
Example: He hit on her at the bar.

15. Cheat on

Meaning: Be unfaithful
Example: She found out he cheated on her.

16. Get along

Meaning: Have a good relationship
Example: They get along really well.

17. Grow apart

Meaning: Become less close
Example: They grew apart after college.

18. Tie the knot

Meaning: Get married
Example: They tied the knot last summer.

19. Take someone for granted

Meaning: Fail to appreciate
Example: He took her for granted too often.

20. Be on the rocks

Meaning: In trouble
Example: Their relationship is on the rocks.

Relationship Expressions

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