20 Autumn Inspired Idioms to Spice Up Your Language

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Autumn, a season marked by transformation and vivid imagery, has given rise to numerous idioms that paint a picture as rich and colorful as the foliage itself. In this blog post, we explore 20 idioms related to autumn, each carrying a unique expression and context. These phrases not only enrich our vocabulary but also beautifully encapsulate the essence of fall, from its chilly evenings to its golden leaves. Dive into these expressions and add a seasonal flair to your conversations!

Idioms Related To Autumn

1. To Turn Over A New Leaf

Meaning: To start anew, making positive changes.

Example: This fall, he decided to turn over a new leaf and pursue his studies more seriously.

2. The apple of one’s eye

Meaning: Someone greatly cherished or loved.

Example: His granddaughter has always been the apple of his eye.

3. Nip in the air

Meaning: A slight chill indicating colder weather.

Example: There’s a definite nip in the air today.

4. Harvest of features

Meaning: A large number of options or opportunities.

Example: The new software offers a harvest of features.

5. To reap what you sow

Meaning: The consequences of one’s actions are experienced.

Example: She studied hard and reaped what she sowed with top exam results.

6. Autumn years

Meaning: The later years of a person’s life.

Example: He is enjoying his autumn years traveling the world.

7. Indian summer

Meaning: A period of unexpectedly warm weather in late autumn.

Example: We had a lovely Indian summer last October.

8. Fall through the cracks

Meaning: To be overlooked or forgotten.

Example: Important details often fall through the cracks during big projects.

9. Squirrel away

Meaning: To save or store away (especially money or food) for future use.

Example: He’s been squirreling away money for a new car.

10. To shake like a leaf

Meaning: To tremble with fear or nervousness.

Example: She was shaking like a leaf during her presentation.

11. Leaf through

Meaning: To turn pages quickly without reading in detail.

Example: He leafed through the magazine while waiting.

12. Bear fruit

Meaning: To yield results or successes.

Example: Their new strategy is beginning to bear fruit.

13. The nuts and bolts

Meaning: The basic, practical details of something.

Example: He explained the nuts and bolts of the legal process.

14. To go nuts

Meaning: To become very excited or angry.

Example: She went nuts when she heard the news.

15. To branch out

Meaning: To expand or extend one’s interests or activities.

Example: He decided to branch out into freelance writing.

16. To catch the wind

Meaning: To harness or utilize momentum or opportunities.

Example: They caught the wind with their innovative marketing.

17. To weather the storm

Meaning: To endure a difficult situation.

Example: They weathered the storm despite the economic downturn.

18. To be in the wind

Meaning: To be about to occur or in preparation.

Example: Changes at the company are in the wind.

19. A storm in a teacup

Meaning: A lot of fuss about something trivial.

Example: The argument was just a storm in a teacup.

20. To save for a rainy day

Meaning: To reserve something, especially money, for a time when it might be needed.

Example: He always tries to save some of his paycheck for a rainy day.

Idioms Related To Autumn

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