Learn 20 Expressions with “Heart”

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The word “heart” is used in many English idioms and phrasal verbs to convey various emotions and states of being. Here are 20 expressions with “heart,” each with a short meaning and an example sentence.

Expressions with Heart

1. Have a Heart

Meaning: Be compassionate or generous.
Example: Please have a heart and help us out.

2. From the Bottom of One’s Heart

Meaning: With sincere and deep feelings.
Example: I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

3. To Break Someone’s Heart

Meaning: Cause deep emotional pain.
Example: His words really broke her heart.

4. Change of Heart

Meaning: A change in one’s feelings or opinions.
Example: She had a change of heart about moving.

5. Heart of Gold

Meaning: A kind and generous nature.
Example: Despite his gruff exterior, he has a heart of gold.

6. Heart to Heart

Meaning: A candid and intimate conversation.
Example: We had a heart-to-heart about our issues.

7. Heavy Heart

Meaning: Feeling deep sadness or sorrow.
Example: She left with a heavy heart after the news.

8. Cross My Heart

Meaning: To make a sincere promise.
Example: I’ll be there on time, cross my heart.

9. Heart and Soul

Meaning: With complete energy and enthusiasm.
Example: She put her heart and soul into the project.

10. In a Heartbeat

Meaning: Very quickly or without hesitation.
Example: I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

11. Take to Heart

Meaning: To take something seriously or be affected.
Example: She took the criticism to heart.

12. Lose Heart

Meaning: To become discouraged or disheartened.
Example: Don’t lose heart; we will succeed eventually.

13. Wear One’s Heart on One’s Sleeve

Meaning: To openly show one’s emotions.
Example: He wears his heart on his sleeve.

14. Follow One’s Heart

Meaning: To act according to one’s feelings.
Example: She decided to follow her heart and move.

15. Open One’s Heart

Meaning: To be honest and express one’s feelings.
Example: He opened his heart to his best friend.

16. Have a Heart of Stone

Meaning: To be cold and unfeeling.
Example: She must have a heart of stone to ignore them.

17. Heart-Stopping

Meaning: Very exciting or frightening.
Example: The movie had some heart-stopping moments.

18. Heartfelt

Meaning: Sincere and deeply felt.
Example: His apology was truly heartfelt.

19. Heart’s Desire

Meaning: Something one deeply wants.
Example: Winning the competition was her heart’s desire.

20. Sick at Heart

Meaning: Very sad or disappointed.
Example: He was sick at heart after the loss.

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Expressions with Heart

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