20 Expressions With the Verb “PAY”

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The verb “pay” is commonly used in various idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs. Understanding these can enhance your English skills and make your communication more effective. Here are 20 expressions with “pay,” including their meanings and example sentences.

Expressions With PAY

1. Pay Attention

Meaning: Focus on something
Example: Pay attention to the instructions given.

2. Pay a Visit

Meaning: Go to see someone
Example: I’ll pay a visit to my friend.

3. Pay Back

Meaning: Return borrowed money
Example: I need to pay back the loan.

4. Pay Off

Meaning: Settle a debt
Example: He managed to pay off his mortgage.

5. Pay Out

Meaning: Distribute money
Example: The company will pay out dividends soon.

6. Pay for It

Meaning: Suffer consequences
Example: He’ll pay for it if he’s late.

7. Pay the Price

Meaning: Experience consequences
Example: She paid the price for her mistakes.

8. Pay Through the Nose

Meaning: Overpay
Example: We paid through the nose for tickets.

9. Pay One’s Dues

Meaning: Earn respect through hard work
Example: She paid her dues in the industry.

10. Pay in Advance

Meaning: Pay beforehand
Example: We need to pay in advance for services.

11. Pay Tribute

Meaning: Honor someone
Example: We paid tribute to the fallen heroes.

12. Pay Off (Someone)

Meaning: Bribe someone
Example: He tried to pay off the official.

13. Pay Lip Service

Meaning: Insincere agreement
Example: They only paid lip service to the cause.

14. Pay One’s Respects

Meaning: Show respect
Example: We paid our respects at the funeral.

15. Pay Dividends

Meaning: Yield good results
Example: Hard work pays dividends in the end.

16. Pay the Penalty

Meaning: Face punishment
Example: He paid the penalty for speeding.

17. Pay a Compliment

Meaning: Give praise
Example: She paid me a nice compliment today.

18. Pay Homage

Meaning: Show deep respect
Example: We paid homage to the legendary artist.

19. Pay the Bills

Meaning: Cover expenses
Example: She works hard to pay the bills.

20. Pay Off (Situation)

Meaning: Have a positive result
Example: Their strategy finally paid off well.

Expressions With PAY

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