20 Collocations with the Conjunction “AND”

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In English, idioms and phrasal verbs often use the conjunction “and.” Here are 20 common collocations that will help you understand and use them effectively in everyday conversations.

1. Back and forth

Meaning: To and fro
Example: They walked back and forth nervously.

2. Give and take

Meaning: Mutual compromise
Example: Marriage requires a lot of give and take.

3. Pros and cons

Meaning: Advantages and disadvantages
Example: Consider the pros and cons before deciding.

4. Safe and sound

Meaning: Unharmed
Example: She returned home safe and sound.

5. Hustle and bustle

Meaning: Busy activity
Example: The hustle and bustle of city life.

6. Hit and run

Meaning: Fleeing accident scene
Example: The driver was involved in a hit and run.

7. High and dry

Meaning: Abandoned
Example: They left him high and dry.

8. Odds and ends

Meaning: Miscellaneous items
Example: She packed all the odds and ends.

9. Far and wide

Meaning: Everywhere
Example: His fame spread far and wide.

10. Down and out

Meaning: Destitute
Example: He was down and out after losing his job.

11. Thick and thin

Meaning: All situations
Example: Friends stick together through thick and thin.

12. Wear and tear

Meaning: Damage from use
Example: The car showed signs of wear and tear.

13. To and fro

Meaning: Back and forth
Example: The boat rocked to and fro.

14. Make or break

Meaning: Crucial
Example: This project will make or break his career.

15. Part and parcel

Meaning: Essential part
Example: Stress is part and parcel of the job.

16. Law and order

Meaning: Public safety
Example: The police maintain law and order.

17. Down and out

Meaning: Poor and homeless
Example: He ended up down and out on the streets.

18. Give and take

Meaning: Compromise
Example: Every relationship needs some give and take.

19. Trial and error

Meaning: Experimentation
Example: They learned through trial and error.

20. Short and sweet

Meaning: Brief and clear
Example: Her speech was short and sweet.

Collocations with the Conjunction and

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