20 Expressions with “Turn” in English

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In English, the word “turn” is versatile and used in many idiomatic expressions. Understanding these expressions can help improve your fluency and comprehension. Here are 20 common expressions with “turn,” along with their meanings and examples.

Expressions with Turn

1. Turn a blind eye

Meaning: Ignore something

Example: She turned a blind eye to cheating.

2. Turn the other cheek

Meaning: Respond to aggression without retaliation

Example: He turned the other cheek when insulted.

3. Turn over a new leaf

Meaning: Start afresh

Example: He’s turning over a new leaf at work.

4. Turn the tables

Meaning: Reverse the situation

Example: They turned the tables on their rivals.

5. Turn of phrase

Meaning: A way of expressing something

Example: Her clever turn of phrase impressed everyone.

6. Turn up the heat

Meaning: Increase pressure or intensity

Example: They turned up the heat during negotiations.

7. Turn a corner

Meaning: Improve after a difficult period

Example: The company finally turned a corner this year.

8. Turn in

Meaning: Go to bed

Example: I’m tired; I think I’ll turn in.

9. Turn out

Meaning: End up

Example: The event turned out better than expected.

10. Turn away

Meaning: Refuse entry

Example: They turned away people without tickets.

11. Turn against

Meaning: Become hostile

Example: The crowd turned against the politician quickly.

12. Turn back

Meaning: Return

Example: We had to turn back due to rain.

13. Turn down

Meaning: Reject

Example: She turned down the job offer.

14. Turn up

Meaning: Arrive or appear

Example: He turned up late to the meeting.

15. Turn off

Meaning: Repel or discourage

Example: His attitude turned me off.

16. Turn on

Meaning: Activate or start

Example: Turn on the lights, please.

17. Turn out

Meaning: Attend or participate

Example: A large crowd turned out for the show.

18. Turn over

Meaning: Give to authorities

Example: She turned over the stolen goods to the police.

19. Turn to

Meaning: Seek help

Example: He turned to his friend for advice.

20. Turn up one’s nose

Meaning: Show disdain

Example: She turned up her nose at the suggestion.

Expressions with Turn

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