15 Forms of “Other” in English: Understanding and Using Them Correctly

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In English, the word “other” and its various forms are commonly used to express difference, addition, or exception. Understanding these forms is essential for clear and precise communication.

Here are 15 forms of “other,” each with a short example sentence to illustrate their usage.

Forms of Other in English

1. Other/Others

  • I have many books; some are old, while others are new.

2. Every Other

  • She visits her grandmother every other weekend.

3. Other Than

  • I like all vegetables other than broccoli.

4. Otherwise

  • You need to leave now; otherwise, you’ll be late.

5. Each Other

  • They always help each other with their homework.

6. Another (One)

  • I need another cup of coffee.

7. The Other/The Others

  • I chose this shirt, but the others were also nice.

8. The Other One/Ones

  • This pen is broken; can I use the other one?

9. The Other Day/Week/Month…

  • I saw her at the market the other day.

10. One After the Other/Another

  • The cars passed by one after another.

11. No Other

  • There is no other place like home.

12. Any Other

  • Do you have any other questions?

13. One or the Other

  • You can choose one or the other option.

14. Other Ways

  • There are other ways to solve this problem.

15. The Only Other

  • The only other person in the room was John.

15 Forms of Other

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