Learn 20 Finance Expressions in English

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Finance expressions are used to describe various financial concepts, transactions, and situations in an easy and relatable way. Here are 20 key expressions:

Finance Expressions

  1. Break Even
    Meaning: No profit, no loss.
    Example: We broke even on our last project.
  2. Ballpark Figure
    Meaning: An approximate number or estimate.
    Example: Can you give me a ballpark figure?
  3. Burn Rate
    Meaning: Speed at which money is spent.
    Example: Their high burn rate is concerning.
  4. Cash Flow
    Meaning: Money moving in and out.
    Example: The company is struggling with cash flow.
  5. Cook the Books
    Meaning: Falsify financial records.
    Example: He was caught cooking the books.
  6. In the Red
    Meaning: Losing money or in debt.
    Example: After the losses, we’re in the red.
  7. In the Black
    Meaning: Making a profit.
    Example: Sales improved, so we’re back in the black.
  8. Nest Egg
    Meaning: Money saved for the future.
    Example: She’s saving a nest egg for retirement.
  9. Bottom Line
    Meaning: Final profit or loss figure.
    Example: Our bottom line increased this quarter.
  10. Blue Chip
    Meaning: High-quality, stable investment.
    Example: Investing in blue-chip stocks is safer.
  11. Golden Parachute
    Meaning: Lucrative benefits for dismissed executives.
    Example: He left with a golden parachute.
  12. Hostile Takeover
    Meaning: Forcible acquisition of a company.
    Example: A hostile takeover attempt was thwarted.
  13. Leverage
    Meaning: Use borrowed money for investment.
    Example: They leveraged their assets for expansion.
  14. Offshore Account
    Meaning: Foreign bank account.
    Example: They hid money in offshore accounts.
  15. Payback Period
    Meaning: Time to recoup an investment.
    Example: The payback period is five years.
  16. Penny-Pinching
    Meaning: Extreme frugality or saving.
    Example: His penny-pinching habits were annoying.
  17. Profit Margin
    Meaning: Profit percentage from total revenue.
    Example: Our profit margin decreased last month.
  18. Rainy Day Fund
    Meaning: Savings for unexpected expenses.
    Example: He always keeps a rainy day fund.
  19. Return on Investment (ROI)
    Meaning: Profit earned from an investment.
    Example: Their ROI improved with the new strategy.
  20. Write-Off
    Meaning: Cancel an asset’s value.
    Example: The debt was written off as uncollectable.

finance expressions

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