Learn 20 Retirement Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to describe retirement, the planning involved, and the feelings around it.

Retirement Expressions

  1. Hang up one’s boots
    Meaning: Retire from work
    Example: He’s finally hanging up his boots.
  2. Step down
    Meaning: Leave a job or position
    Example: She stepped down as CEO last year.
  3. Call it a day
    Meaning: Retire from work
    Example: He’s calling it a day after 40 years.
  4. Take early retirement
    Meaning: Retire before the usual age
    Example: She took early retirement at 55.
  5. Pack it in
    Meaning: Stop working
    Example: He packed it in and retired.
  6. Bow out
    Meaning: Leave a job gracefully
    Example: He bowed out after a long career.
  7. Put one’s feet up
    Meaning: Relax after retirement
    Example: She’s ready to put her feet up.
  8. Ride off into the sunset
    Meaning: Retire and enjoy a peaceful life
    Example: He rode off into the sunset last year.
  9. Call it quits
    Meaning: Retire from work
    Example: She’s calling it quits after 30 years.
  10. Wrap it up
    Meaning: Finish work for good
    Example: He’s ready to wrap it up and retire.
  11. Wind down
    Meaning: Gradually reduce work before retiring
    Example: He’s winding down his workload.
  12. Go out to pasture
    Meaning: Retire from active work
    Example: He went out to pasture after 35 years.
  13. Hit the golden years
    Meaning: Reach retirement age
    Example: He’s hitting the golden years at last.
  14. Live off one’s pension
    Meaning: Rely on retirement savings
    Example: He’s living off his pension comfortably.
  15. Leave the rat race
    Meaning: Retire from a hectic job
    Example: She left the rat race and retired.
  16. Make way for
    Meaning: Retire to allow someone else to step in
    Example: He made way for a new manager.
  17. Kick back
    Meaning: Relax after retirement
    Example: Now he’s kicking back and enjoying life.
  18. Enjoy the fruits of one’s labor
    Meaning: Benefit from years of work
    Example: She’s enjoying the fruits of her labor.
  19. Put in for retirement
    Meaning: Formally request retirement
    Example: He’s putting in for retirement next month.
  20. Hand over the reins
    Meaning: Pass on leadership to a successor
    Example: She’s handing over the reins to her successor.

retirement expressions

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