Learn 20 Interesting Health Expressions

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These expressions are used to discuss health-related situations. Understanding them will help you describe common conditions and situations better.

Health Expressions

  1. Under the weather
    Meaning: Feeling unwell or sick
    Example: She’s under the weather today, sadly.
  2. In good shape
    Meaning: Physically healthy or fit
    Example: After recovery, he’s in good shape now.
  3. Fit as a fiddle
    Meaning: In perfect health or condition
    Example: Grandma’s fit as a fiddle at 80.
  4. Out of sorts
    Meaning: Feeling slightly unwell or upset
    Example: He’s a bit out of sorts today.
  5. Alive and kicking
    Meaning: Very much alive and healthy
    Example: Despite his age, he’s alive and kicking.
  6. Back on one’s feet
    Meaning: Recover from an illness or setback
    Example: After surgery, she’s back on her feet.
  7. On the mend
    Meaning: Recovering from an illness or injury
    Example: After the flu, he’s on the mend.
  8. Clean bill of health
    Meaning: A statement declaring good health
    Example: The doctor gave him a clean bill of health.
  9. Get in shape
    Meaning: Become physically healthy or fit
    Example: He’s working out to get in shape.
  10. Run down
    Meaning: Feeling tired or exhausted
    Example: After a hectic week, she’s run down.
  11. Burn out
    Meaning: Become physically or mentally exhausted
    Example: He burned out after working overtime.
  12. Kick the bucket
    Meaning: To die
    Example: Sadly, the old man kicked the bucket.
  13. Take a turn for the worse
    Meaning: Health condition deteriorates suddenly
    Example: His condition took a turn for the worse.
  14. Throw up
    Meaning: To vomit
    Example: She threw up after eating seafood.
  15. Feel on top of the world
    Meaning: Feel extremely healthy or happy
    Example: After recovering, she felt on top of the world.
  16. Go under the knife
    Meaning: Have a surgical operation
    Example: He went under the knife for appendicitis.
  17. Nip in the bud
    Meaning: Stop a problem before it worsens
    Example: They nipped his illness in the bud.
  18. Pull through
    Meaning: Recover from a serious illness
    Example: She pulled through after the accident.
  19. Catch a cold
    Meaning: Become sick with a cold
    Example: He caught a cold from his coworkers.
  20. Break down
    Meaning: Experience a mental or emotional collapse
    Example: After the loss, she broke down.

health expressions

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