20 Commonly Used Holiday Collocations

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Holiday collocations are common phrases that naturally occur together in English. They help make your speech sound more fluent and natural. Here are 20 commonly used holiday collocations, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence.

Commonly Used Holiday Collocations

1. Take a holiday

Meaning: Go on vacation.
Example: I’m planning to take a holiday soon.

2. Book a trip

Meaning: Reserve travel arrangements.
Example: We need to book a trip to Paris.

3. Go sightseeing

Meaning: Visit tourist attractions.
Example: We’ll go sightseeing in Rome tomorrow.

4. Stay in a hotel

Meaning: Lodge in a hotel.
Example: We decided to stay in a hotel downtown.

5. Pack your bags

Meaning: Prepare luggage for travel.
Example: Don’t forget to pack your bags tonight.

6. Catch a flight

Meaning: Board an airplane.
Example: We need to catch a flight at 7 AM.

7. Rent a car

Meaning: Hire a vehicle.
Example: We’ll rent a car for our road trip.

8. Try local cuisine

Meaning: Eat traditional food.
Example: We always try local cuisine when traveling.

9. Visit museums

Meaning: Go to museums.
Example: We plan to visit museums in the city.

10. Go on a tour

Meaning: Participate in a guided trip.
Example: They will go on a tour of the castle.

11. Travel abroad

Meaning: Go to a foreign country.
Example: They love to travel abroad every summer.

12. Send postcards

Meaning: Mail greeting cards.
Example: I always send postcards to my friends.

13. Buy souvenirs

Meaning: Purchase mementos.
Example: We buy souvenirs for our family and friends.

14. Go hiking

Meaning: Walk in nature.
Example: We’ll go hiking in the mountains tomorrow.

15. Sunbathe on the beach

Meaning: Lie in the sun.
Example: They love to sunbathe on the beach all day.

16. Explore the city

Meaning: Discover urban areas.
Example: We plan to explore the city center today.

17. Take photos

Meaning: Capture pictures.
Example: Remember to take photos during your trip.

18. Have a picnic

Meaning: Eat outdoors.
Example: We’ll have a picnic by the lake.

19. Go camping

Meaning: Stay outdoors in a tent.
Example: They decided to go camping in the forest.

20. Relax by the pool

Meaning: Rest near a swimming pool.
Example: We love to relax by the pool on vacation.

20 Commonly Used Holiday Collocations

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