100 Homophones With Meaning (Download PDF)

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Are you an ESL student looking to master the English language? Homophones can be a real challenge. These tricky words may sound the same but have different meanings and spellings, leading to confusion in both speaking and writing.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 100 homophones with their meanings to help you navigate this linguistic challenge.

Plus, you can download a PDF for easy reference! So, let’s dive into the world of homophones and enhance your English skills.

What are Homophones in English?

Homophones in English are words that sound the same when pronounced, but they have different meanings and often different spellings. These linguistic twins can be a source of confusion for learners and native speakers alike. Learning to distinguish and use homophones correctly is crucial for effective communication in the English language.

100 Homophones with Meanings

Below are 100 homophones with their meaning in english.

  1. Aisle – Isle

Aisle: A passageway between rows.

Isle: An island.

  1. Brake – Break

Brake: Device to stop a vehicle.

Break: To fracture or separate.

  1. Flour – Flower

Flour: Wheat-based powder for baking.

Flower: The blooming part of a plant.

  1. Knight – Night

Knight: A medieval warrior.

Night: Darkness after sunset.

  1. Mail – Male

Mail: Delivered letters and parcels.

Male: A gender category.

  1. Meat – Meet – Mete

Meat: Edible animal flesh.

Meet: To encounter someone.

Mete: To distribute or allot.

  1. Pair – Pear

Pair: A set of two.

Pear: A type of fruit.

  1. Peace – Piece

Peace: Freedom from disturbance.

Piece: A portion of something.

  1. Plain – Plane

Plain: Simple or unadorned.

Plane: A flat surface or aircraft.

  1. Rain – Rein – Reign

Rain: Precipitation from clouds.

Rein: A strap for controlling an animal.

Reign: To rule as a monarch.

  1. Right – Write – Rite

Right: Correct or opposite of left.

Write: To mark letters or words.

Rite: A religious or ceremonial act.

  1. See – Sea

See: To perceive with eyes.

Sea: Large body of saltwater.

  1. Son – Sun

Son: A male child.

Sun: The star at the center of our solar system.

  1. Tail – Tale

Tail: The rear part of an animal.

Tale: A story or narrative.

  1. Their – There – They’re

Their: Belonging to them.

There: In that place.

They’re: Contraction of ‘they are’.

  1. To – Too – Two

To: Expressing direction or purpose.

Too: Also or excessively.

Two: The number after one.

  1. Waste – Waist

Waste: To use carelessly.

Waist: Part of the body above the hips.

  1. Weak – Week

Weak: Lacking strength.

Week: Seven days period.

  1. Weather – Whether

Weather: Climate conditions.

Whether: Expressing a doubt or choice.

  1. Which – Witch

Which: Asking for information.

Witch: A woman thought to have magic powers.

  1. Bare – Bear

Bare: Uncovered or naked.

Bear: A large mammal or to carry.

  1. Berry – Bury

Berry: Small edible fruit.

Bury: To cover or conceal.

  1. Board – Bored

Board: A flat piece of wood.

Bored: Feeling weary or uninterested.

  1. Cell – Sell

Cell: A small room or biological unit.

Sell: To exchange for money.

  1. Cite – Sight – Site

Cite: To quote as evidence.

Sight: The ability to see.

Site: A location or place.

  1. Complement – Compliment

Complement: Something that completes.

Compliment: An expression of praise.

  1. Dew – Due

Dew: Moisture condensed from air.

Due: Expected at a certain time.

  1. Die – Dye

Die: To cease living.

Dye: Colorant for materials.

  1. Fair – Fare

Fair: Equitable or a gathering.

Fare: A fee for transport.

  1. Feat – Feet

Feat: An achievement or skill.

Feet: Plural of foot.

  1. Fir – Fur

Fir: A type of tree.

Fur: Animal hair.

  1. Flea – Flee

Flea: A small jumping insect.

Flee: To run away.

  1. Flour – Flower

Flour: Grain-based powder.

Flower: Reproductive part of a plant.

  1. For – Four

For: Introducing purpose.

Four: The number 4.

  1. Groan – Grown

Groan: A low sound of pain.

Grown: Increased in size.

  1. Hair – Hare

Hair: Filaments on the head.

Hare: A fast-running animal.

  1. Heal – Heel

Heal: Become healthy again.

Heel: Back part of the foot.

  1. Hear – Here

Hear: To perceive sound.

Here: In this place.

  1. Higher – Hire

Higher: More elevated.

Hire: To employ or rent.

  1. Hole – Whole

Hole: An opening or gap.

Whole: Entire or complete.

  1. Hour – Our

Hour: Sixty minutes.

Our: Belonging to us.

  1. Idle – Idol

Idle: Not active.

Idol: An object of worship.

  1. In – Inn

In: Inside or within.

Inn: A small hotel.

  1. Knew – New

Knew: Past tense of know.

New: Not old or used.

  1. Knot – Not

Knot: A fastening made by looping.

Not: Used to negate.

  1. Made – Maid

Made: Past tense of make.

Maid: A female servant.

  1. Mail – Male

Mail: Letters and packages.

Male: A gender category.

  1. Main – Mane

Main: Most important.

Mane: Hair on a horse’s neck.

  1. Meat – Meet

Meat: Animal flesh.

Meet: To come into contact.

  1. Medal – Meddle – Metal – Mettle

Medal: An award.

Meddle: To interfere.

Metal: Element, compound, or alloy.

Mettle: Courage or fortitude.

  1. Morning – Mourning

Morning: Start of the day.

Mourning: Grieving for someone.

  1. No – Know

No: The opposite of yes.

Know: To be aware of.

  1. One – Won

One: The number 1.

Won: Past tense of win.

  1. Pair – Pare – Pear

Pair: Two of something.

Pare: To trim or peel.

Pear: A type of fruit.

  1. Peace – Piece

Peace: Tranquility.

Piece: A part of something.

  1. Peek – Peak – Pique

Peek: A quick look.

Peak: The top of a mountain.

Pique: To stimulate interest.

  1. Plane – Plain

Plane: A flat surface or aircraft.

Plain: Simple or clear.

  1. Poor – Pour – Paw

Poor: Lacking wealth.

Pour: To flow or transfer liquid.

Paw: The foot of an animal.

  1. Pray – Prey

Pray: To speak to a deity.

Prey: An animal hunted for food.

  1. Principal – Principle

Principal: Main or head of a school.

Principle: A fundamental truth or belief.

  1. Rain – Rein – Reign

Rain: Water from the sky.

Rein: A strap to control an animal.

Reign: To rule as a monarch.

  1. Read – Red

Read: To look at and comprehend text.

Red: A color.

  1. Right – Rite – Write

Right: Correct or a direction.

Rite: A ceremonial act.

Write: To mark down words.

  1. Ring – Wring

Ring: A circular band.

Wring: To twist and squeeze.

  1. Road – Rode – Rowed

Road: A path or street.

Rode: Past tense of ride.

Rowed: Past tense of row.

  1. Role – Roll

Role: A character played by an actor.

Roll: To turn something over.

  1. Rose – Rows

Rose: A flower.

Rows: Plural of row.

  1. Sail – Sale

Sail: To travel by boat.

Sale: The act of selling.

  1. Scene – Seen

Scene: A part of a play or movie.

Seen: Past participle of see.

  1. Sea – See

Sea: Large body of saltwater.

See: To perceive visually.

  1. Seam – Seem

Seam: A line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together.

Seem: To appear in a certain way.

  1. Sees – Seas – Seize

Sees: Third person of see.

Seas: Plural of sea.

Seize: To grasp suddenly.

  1. Sell – Cell

Sell: To give in exchange for money.

Cell: A small room or biological unit.

  1. Sent – Scent – Cent

Sent: Past tense of send.

Scent: A distinct smell.

Cent: A coin worth one-hundredth of a dollar.

  1. Serial – Cereal

Serial: A story or play appearing in parts.

Cereal: A breakfast food.

  1. Shear – Sheer

Shear: To cut, especially wool from sheep.

Sheer: Very thin or transparent.

  1. Sight – Site – Cite

Sight: The ability to see.

Site: A location.

Cite: To quote as evidence.

  1. Soar – Sore

Soar: To fly high.

Sore: Painful or aching.

  1. Sole – Soul

Sole: The bottom part of a shoe.

Soul: The spiritual part of a person.

  1. Some – Sum

Some: An unspecified amount.

Sum: The total amount.

  1. Son – Sun

Son: A male child.

Sun: The star at the center of our solar system.

  1. Stair – Stare

Stair: A set of steps.

Stare: To look fixedly.

  1. Stake – Steak

Stake: A strong stick or post.

Steak: A piece of meat.

  1. Stationary – Stationery

Stationary: Not moving.

Stationery: Writing materials.

  1. Steal – Steel

Steal: To take without permission.

Steel: A hard, strong alloy.

  1. Sweet – Suite

Sweet: Having a sugary taste.

Suite: A set of rooms.

  1. Tail – Tale

Tail: The rear part of an animal.

Tale: A story or narrative.

  1. Tea – Tee

Tea: A hot beverage.

Tee: A stand used in golf.

  1. Team – Teem

Team: A group of players.

Teem: To be full of.

  1. Threw – Through

Threw: Past tense of throw.

Through: From end to end.

  1. Thyme – Time

Thyme: A type of herb.

Time: Measured in hours and minutes.

  1. Tide – Tied

Tide: The rise and fall of the sea.

Tied: Bound with a rope or string.

  1. Toe – Tow

Toe: A digit on the foot.

Tow: To pull behind.

  1. Vain – Vein – Vane

Vain: Excessively proud.

Vein: A blood vessel.

Vane: A device showing wind direction.

  1. Waist – Waste

Waist: Part of the body between ribs and hips.

Waste: To use carelessly.

  1. Wait – Weight

Wait: To stay in place.

Weight: The measure of heaviness.

  1. Way – Weigh – Whey

Way: A path or direction.

Weigh: To measure heaviness.

Whey: A milk byproduct.

  1. Weak – Week

Weak: Lacking strength.

Week: Seven days.

  1. Wear – Where

Wear: To have on the body.

Where: In or at what place?

  1. Weather – Whether

Weather: Climate conditions.

Whether: Expressing a doubt or choice.

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Infographics (Homophones List in English)

list of homophones in english list of homophones in english Homophones Words List in English Homophones Words List in English

English Homophones Words List, 100 Homophones Words200 Homophones List in English

Download the List of homophone words in English pdf (Download PDF)

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