20 Earthy Idioms to Ground Your Language

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Our planet is not just our home; it’s also a source of rich expressions and idioms that permeate various languages and cultures. In this blog post, we explore 20 earth-related idioms that are as diverse as the planet itself. These expressions provide colorful ways to describe situations, emotions, and behaviors, offering a glimpse into how deeply nature influences our communication. Whether you’re looking to spice up your vocabulary or gain insight into common English expressions, these earthy idioms will certainly add a layer of depth to your conversations.

Idioms about Earth

1. Down to Earth

Meaning: Practical and realistic.

Example: Despite his fame, he’s very down to earth.

2. Move Heaven and Earth

Meaning: Do everything possible to achieve a goal.

Example: She moved heaven and earth to finish her degree.

3. Cost the Earth

Meaning: Very expensive.

Example: That luxury car costs the earth!

4. Salt of the Earth

Meaning: A person who is humble and very good.

Example: My grandmother is the salt of the earth.

5. Earth-shattering

Meaning: Extremely surprising and important.

Example: They announced some earth-shattering news.

6. On Earth

Meaning: Used for emphasis in questions, expressing surprise or confusion.

Example: Why on earth did you do that?

7. Scorched Earth

Meaning: A policy of complete destruction to prevent use by an enemy.

Example: The retreating army adopted a scorched earth policy.

8. The Ends of the Earth

Meaning: The most remote places in the world.

Example: I would travel to the ends of the earth for you.

9. Earthly

Meaning: Possible or likely in any way.

Example: There’s no earthly reason to refuse.

10. Run to Earth

Meaning: Find someone or something after a long search.

Example: The detective finally ran the fugitive to earth.

11. Earth Mother

Meaning: A woman who appears nurturing and nature-loving.

Example: She’s a real earth mother, always gardening and cooking.

12. Promise the Earth

Meaning: Make extravagant promises.

Example: Politicians often promise the earth during campaigns.

13. What on Earth

Meaning: Used to express shock or surprise.

Example: What on earth were you thinking?

14. Come Back Down to Earth

Meaning: Return to reality from fantasy or excitement.

Example: After the party, we all had to come back down to earth.

15. Like Nothing on Earth

Meaning: Very unusual or strange.

Example: His new invention looks like nothing on earth.

16. Go to Earth

Meaning: Hide to avoid a problem.

Example: He went to earth after the scandal broke.

17. Heaven on Earth

Meaning: A very beautiful or peaceful place.

Example: This secluded beach is like heaven on earth.

18. To Be Dead and Buried

Meaning: Completely forgotten.

Example: Those old rumors are now dead and buried.

19. Keep Your Ear to the Ground

Meaning: Stay informed about what is happening around.

Example: To stay ahead in business, keep your ear to the ground.

20. Not Know the First Thing About

Meaning: Have no knowledge or information about something.

Example: He doesn’t know the first thing about gardening.

Idioms about Earth

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