20 Idioms and Expressions About Winter

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Winter isn’t just a season of snow and cold weather; it’s also a rich source of vivid idioms and expressions in the English language.

These phrases capture the essence of the season, from its chilling frosts to cozy moments by the fire. Whether you’re looking to enrich your vocabulary or spice up your winter-themed writing, these 20 winter idioms and expressions are perfect for understanding and conveying the seasonal spirit succinctly.

Idioms and Expressions About Winter

1. Break the ice

Meaning: To initiate conversation in an awkward or tense situation.

Example: He told a joke to break the ice.

2. Cold shoulder

Meaning: To deliberately ignore someone.

Example: She gave him the cold shoulder at the party.

3. Freeze over

Meaning: For a liquid to become solid from cold.

Example: The lake freeze over in January.

4. Snowed under

Meaning: Overwhelmed with work or responsibilities.

Example: I’m completely snowed under with reports.

5. Tip of the iceberg

Meaning: A small part of a much larger problem.

Example: The lost files were just the tip of the iceberg.

6. Dead of winter

Meaning: The coldest, darkest part of winter.

Example: It feels like the dead of winter today.

7. Put on ice

Meaning: To postpone or delay something.

Example: The project was put on ice until funding resumed.

8. Icebreaker

Meaning: Something done or said to relieve tension.

Example: We started with an icebreaker game.

9. Winter of discontent

Meaning: A period of dissatisfaction and unrest.

Example: That year was our winter of discontent.

10. Cold comfort

Meaning: Minimal or no consolation.

Example: His apology offered cold comfort.

11. To skate on thin ice

Meaning: To be in a risky situation.

Example: He’s skating on thin ice with his grades.

12. Chill to the bone

Meaning: Extremely cold.

Example: The wind chilled us to the bone.

13. Frosty reception

Meaning: An unfriendly or cold response.

Example: He received a frosty reception at the meeting.

14. Snowball effect

Meaning: Something that starts small but grows significantly.

Example: The rumor had a snowball effect.

15. Bundle up

Meaning: To wear enough clothing to stay warm.

Example: Bundle up; it’s cold out there.

16. Whiteout

Meaning: A severe snowstorm that reduces visibility.

Example: We got caught in a whiteout.

17. Winter blues

Meaning: A feeling of depression or sadness during the winter months.

Example: She often gets the winter blues.

18. To walk on ice

Meaning: To be in a precarious or delicate situation.

Example: You’re walking on ice with those comments.

19. Cold snap

Meaning: A sudden, brief period of cold weather.

Example: A cold snap hit overnight.

20. As cold as ice

Meaning: Very cold or lacking warmth (emotionally).

Example: Her stare was as cold as ice.

Idioms and Expressions About Winter

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