20 Spooky Idioms Related to Halloween

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Halloween isn’t just a time for costumes and candy; it’s also a rich source of colorful language. Idioms related to this eerie season can add a fun and spooky twist to our everyday conversations. In this post, we’ll explore 20 Halloween-themed idioms that capture the essence of this ghostly time. Whether you’re telling stories around a bonfire or writing a Halloween greeting card, these expressions are perfect for adding a bit of supernatural flair to your language.

Idioms Related to Halloween

1. Over the Moon

Meaning: Extremely happy or delighted.

Example: She was over the moon with her vampire costume.

2. Make One’s Blood Run Cold

Meaning: To terrify someone.

Example: His ghost story made our blood run cold.

3. Witching Hour

Meaning: A time late at night associated with supernatural events.

Example: We stayed up until the witching hour telling spooky tales.

4. Ghost Town

Meaning: A deserted, abandoned area.

Example: That abandoned village is a real ghost town.

5. Skeleton in the Closet

Meaning: A hidden and potentially embarrassing secret.

Example: Everyone has a skeleton in the closet.

6. Dig One’s Own Grave

Meaning: Do something that causes one’s own downfall.

Example: He really dug his own grave by cheating on the test.

7. In the Dead of Night

Meaning: Very late at night, when it’s very dark.

Example: The streets were empty in the dead of night.

8. Drop Dead Gorgeous

Meaning: Extremely attractive.

Example: She looked drop dead gorgeous in her witch costume.

9. Scared Stiff

Meaning: Very scared.

Example: I was scared stiff by those Halloween pranks.

10. Bat an Eye

Meaning: Show surprise or disapproval.

Example: She didn’t bat an eye at the haunted house.

11. Graveyard Shift

Meaning: A work shift during the late night.

Example: He’s working the graveyard shift on Halloween.

12. Like a Bat Out of Hell

Meaning: Moving very fast.

Example: He ran like a bat out of hell when he saw the spider.

13. Night Owl

Meaning: Someone who stays up late.

Example: I’m a real night owl on Halloween.

14. Not a Ghost of a Chance

Meaning: No possibility of success.

Example: There’s not a ghost of a chance we’ll get there on time.

15. Play Devil’s Advocate

Meaning: To argue the opposite, just for the sake of argument.

Example: I’ll play devil’s advocate here and disagree.

16. Stir Up a Hornet’s Nest

Meaning: Cause a lot of trouble.

Example: Bringing up that topic at dinner was like stirring up a hornet’s nest.

17. That’s the Spirit

Meaning: An encouragement acknowledging someone’s positive attitude.

Example: “You decided to go trick-or-treating after all? That’s the spirit!”

18. Under a Spell

Meaning: Captivated by something or someone.

Example: I was under a spell watching the Halloween parade.

19. Barking at the Moon

Meaning: Pursuing something useless.

Example: Arguing about that is just barking at the moon.

20. Saved by the Bell

Meaning: Rescued from a difficulty at the last moment.

Example: He was saved by the bell when the teacher postponed the test.

Idioms Related to Halloween

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