20 Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”

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The moon has long inspired language and expression, resulting in a rich collection of idioms that weave celestial charm into everyday conversation. From achieving the impossible to expressing love or lunacy, the moon influences a fascinating array of phrases. This post explores 20 popular moon-related idioms and expressions, providing succinct meanings and clear examples to help you understand and use them effectively in your dialogues.

Idioms and Expressions with Moon

1. Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Very rarely.

Example: I only go to the cinema once in a blue moon.

2. Over the moon

Meaning: Extremely happy.

Example: She was over the moon about her new job.

3. Promise the moon

Meaning: Promise something impossible or unlikely.

Example: He promised the moon, but could he deliver?

4. Reach for the moon

Meaning: Aim for a very high goal.

Example: Always reach for the moon in your career.

5. Moon over

Meaning: To dream about or pine for.

Example: He spent nights mooning over his vacation photos.

6. Shoot the moon

Meaning: To take a big risk.

Example: They shot the moon with their new investment.

7. Many moons ago

Meaning: A long time ago.

Example: I visited that place many moons ago.

8. Made of moonbeams

Meaning: Unrealistic, not practical.

Example: His new business idea is made of moonbeams.

9. Moonstruck

Meaning: To be in love or otherwise affected as if by the moon.

Example: She’s completely moonstruck by him.

10. To the moon and back

Meaning: To love someone very deeply.

Example: I love you to the moon and back.

11. Howl at the moon

Meaning: To waste effort on something ineffectual.

Example: Complaining about it is just howling at the moon.

12. Bark at the moon

Meaning: Protest in vain.

Example: He might as well be barking at the moon.

13. Ask for the moon

Meaning: Request something impossible.

Example: She’s not being reasonable; she’s asking for the moon.

14. Moonlit night

Meaning: A night illuminated by the moon.

Example: They walked under a moonlit night.

15. Sail to the moon

Meaning: Pursue an impossible dream.

Example: He’s always trying to sail to the moon with his ideas.

16. Moon-faced

Meaning: Having a round and pale face.

Example: The child’s innocent, moon-faced smile warmed everyone’s heart.

17. Moonlight flit

Meaning: To leave secretly at night, typically to avoid paying rent.

Example: They did a moonlight flit to avoid their debts.

18. Moonlighting

Meaning: Working a second job, usually secretly.

Example: She’s moonlighting to earn extra money.

19. Blue moon

Meaning: A rare event or occurrence.

Example: A deal like this happens once in a blue moon.

20. Under the moon

Meaning: At night or in the evening.

Example: They shared secrets under the moon.

Idioms and Expressions with Moon

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