20 Idioms Related to Spring

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Spring is not just a season of blooming flowers and warmer weather; it’s also a source of inspiration for many expressions in the English language. In this blog post, we explore 20 idioms that are related to or inspired by the season of spring.

These idioms add color and vibrancy to our language, much like the season itself enriches our surroundings. Each idiom will be followed by a succinct meaning and a brief example to illustrate how it can be used in everyday conversation.

Idioms Related to Spring

1. Spring into action

Meaning: To start something quickly and energetically.

Example: He sprang into action to finish the project.

2. Full of the joys of spring

Meaning: Very happy.

Example: She was full of the joys of spring after hearing the good news.

3. A spring in one’s step

Meaning: A lively, buoyant manner of walking.

Example: He had a spring in his step after the promotion.

4. No spring chicken

Meaning: No longer young.

Example: I’m no spring chicken, but I can still jog a mile!

5. Spring fever

Meaning: A feeling of restlessness and excitement at the beginning of spring.

Example: Everyone’s got spring fever in the office today.

6. Spring to life

Meaning: Become lively or active.

Example: The party sprang to life when the band started playing.

7. Spring forward, fall back

Meaning: A mnemonic for setting clocks at the start and end of Daylight Saving Time.

Example: Remember, we spring forward this weekend.

8. Spring cleaning

Meaning: Thorough cleaning of a place, typically done in spring.

Example: It’s time for some spring cleaning in the garage.

9. Springboard to success

Meaning: Something that helps one start a successful venture.

Example: His new job was a springboard to success.

10. Hope springs eternal

Meaning: People always hope for the best, even in difficult times.

Example: Despite the setbacks, hope springs eternal for him.

11. To put a spring in someone’s step

Meaning: Make someone feel energetic or pleased.

Example: The good news really put a spring in her step.

12. Leap into spring

Meaning: To enter spring energetically.

Example: We’re leaping into spring with a new fitness challenge.

13. Spring of youth

Meaning: The early, vibrant period of young life.

Example: In the spring of youth, everything seems possible.

14. Fresh as a spring day

Meaning: Very fresh or clean.

Example: After the rain, the air was as fresh as a spring day.

15. Spring to mind

Meaning: To come quickly into your thoughts.

Example: Paris springs to mind when I think of fashion.

16. Spring eternal

Meaning: Something that is always renewed or never diminished.

Example: Her optimism seems to spring eternal.

17. Await the spring

Meaning: Waiting for spring to arrive or for a situation to improve.

Example: We’re just awaiting the spring after a harsh winter.

18. Spring of wisdom

Meaning: A source of wisdom.

Example: His grandmother was a spring of wisdom.

19. Burst into spring

Meaning: Start spring with a burst of energy.

Example: The city bursts into spring with the annual flower festival.

20. The first blooms of spring

Meaning: The initial signs that spring is beginning.

Example: The first blooms of spring are my favorite sight.

Idioms Related to Spring

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