20 Idioms Related to Knowledge

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Knowledge shapes our understanding of the world and influences our decisions every day. It’s no surprise, then, that many idioms in the English language revolve around the concept of knowledge. These phrases add color and depth to our conversations about learning, understanding, and wisdom. In this blog post, we explore 20 common idioms that deal with knowledge, providing you with their meanings and practical examples to help you incorporate them into your everyday language.

Idioms Related to Knowledge

1. Knowledge is power

Meaning: Having knowledge gives one an advantage.

Example: He invests in books because he believes that knowledge is power.

2. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: To stay up late working on something, especially studying.

Example: She was burning the midnight oil to finish her thesis.

3. Hit the books

Meaning: To begin studying in a serious manner.

Example: It’s exam week, so I need to hit the books.

4. In the know

Meaning: To have knowledge about something, especially insider knowledge.

Example: He’s always in the know about company updates.

5. Learn the ropes

Meaning: To learn the basics of something.

Example: He’s new but quickly learning the ropes.

6. On the tip of my tongue

Meaning: Almost able to recall or say something.

Example: I know her name; it’s on the tip of my tongue.

7. Put on your thinking cap

Meaning: To think seriously about something.

Example: Let’s put on our thinking caps to solve this issue.

8. A quick study

Meaning: Someone who learns new things quickly and easily.

Example: She’s a quick study, mastering the software in days.

9. School of hard knocks

Meaning: Learning through difficult experiences.

Example: He learned to manage money through the school of hard knocks.

10. Teach an old dog new tricks

Meaning: To learn something new later in life.

Example: He’s learning to use a smartphone—proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.

11. Book smart

Meaning: Knowledgeable from books, rather than practical experience.

Example: She’s book smart but lacks practical skills.

12. Brainstorm

Meaning: To generate ideas spontaneously and collaboratively.

Example: Let’s brainstorm to come up with a new marketing strategy.

13. Mastermind

Meaning: A person with outstanding intellect or who plans something significant.

Example: He was the mastermind behind the successful campaign.

14. Not rocket science

Meaning: Not very complex or difficult to understand.

Example: Don’t worry, assembling this furniture isn’t rocket science.

15. Open book

Meaning: Something very easy to understand or someone who is very straightforward.

Example: His intentions are an open book; he’s very honest.

16. Read between the lines

Meaning: To understand the hidden or underlying meaning of something.

Example: She said she was fine, but reading between the lines, I knew she was upset.

17. Sharp as a tack

Meaning: Very intelligent and quick-witted.

Example: He’s sharp as a tack, especially in debates.

18. Think outside the box

Meaning: To think creatively, beyond the usual ways of thinking.

Example: We need to think outside the box to overcome this challenge.

19. Wise beyond one’s years

Meaning: Having more wisdom or maturity than typical for one’s age.

Example: She’s only ten but wise beyond her years.

20. Wrap your head around something

Meaning: To comprehend something complex or unfamiliar.

Example: I just can’t wrap my head around these new regulations.

Idioms Related to Knowledge

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