20 Collocations Related to Problems

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In this blog post, we will explore 20 common idioms and phrasal verbs related to problems. Understanding these expressions can help you communicate more effectively and understand the nuances of the English language better.

1. Run into a problem

Meaning: Encounter a problem.
Example: We ran into a problem with the project.

2. Deal with a problem

Meaning: Manage a problem.
Example: She dealt with the problem calmly and efficiently.

3. Get over a problem

Meaning: Overcome a problem.
Example: He finally got over his financial problems.

4. Face up to a problem

Meaning: Confront a problem.
Example: They need to face up to their problems now.

5. Iron out problems

Meaning: Resolve problems.
Example: We need to iron out the problems before launch.

6. Run into trouble

Meaning: Encounter difficulties.
Example: We ran into trouble during our trip.

7. Sort out a problem

Meaning: Solve a problem.
Example: I need to sort out this problem quickly.

8. Put up with problems

Meaning: Tolerate problems.
Example: She had to put up with many problems.

9. Stir up trouble

Meaning: Cause trouble.
Example: He always stirs up trouble at meetings.

10. Get into trouble

Meaning: Encounter problems.
Example: They got into trouble for breaking the rules.

11. Smooth over problems

Meaning: Make problems less severe.
Example: We need to smooth over these problems immediately.

12. Run across a problem

Meaning: Find a problem by chance.
Example: We ran across a problem in the final stages.

13. Bring up a problem

Meaning: Mention a problem.
Example: She brought up a problem during the discussion.

14. Take care of a problem

Meaning: Solve a problem.
Example: I’ll take care of the problem right away.

15. Look into a problem

Meaning: Investigate a problem.
Example: They are looking into the problem seriously.

16. Break down problems

Meaning: Analyze problems.
Example: We need to break down the problems into parts.

17. Clear up a problem

Meaning: Resolve a problem.
Example: He cleared up the problem with his explanation.

18. Run up against a problem

Meaning: Face an unexpected problem.
Example: We ran up against a problem we didn’t foresee.

19. Wrestle with a problem

Meaning: Struggle with a problem.
Example: She wrestled with the problem all night.

20. Work out a problem

Meaning: Solve a problem.
Example: They worked out the problem together.

Collocations Related to Problems

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