20 Collocations Related to Dreaming

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Dreaming is a fascinating and universal experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 common idioms and phrasal verbs related to dreaming. Each entry includes a short meaning and an example sentence to help you understand how to use these expressions in everyday conversation.

1. Dream On

Meaning: Keep dreaming

Example: You think you’ll win? Dream on!

2. Dream Up

Meaning: Invent

Example: She dreamed up a new recipe.

3. Pipe Dream

Meaning: Unrealistic hope

Example: Winning the lottery is a pipe dream.

4. Beyond One’s Wildest Dreams

Meaning: Better than imagined

Example: The vacation was beyond her wildest dreams.

5. Dream Away

Meaning: Spend time daydreaming

Example: He often dreams away his afternoons.

6. Living the Dream

Meaning: Enjoying life

Example: With his new job, he’s living the dream.

7. In a Dream World

Meaning: Unrealistic

Example: If you think that, you’re in a dream world.

8. Sweet Dreams

Meaning: Have a good sleep

Example: Good night, sweet dreams!

9. American Dream

Meaning: Ideal life

Example: They moved here for the American Dream.

10. Broken Dreams

Meaning: Unfulfilled hopes

Example: The old house was full of broken dreams.

11. Daydream About

Meaning: Fantasize

Example: She daydreams about traveling the world.

12. Dreamboat

Meaning: Attractive person

Example: He’s a real dreamboat, isn’t he?

13. Chasing a Dream

Meaning: Pursuing a goal

Example: She’s chasing her dream of becoming a singer.

14. Dreamland

Meaning: Sleep state

Example: He drifted off to dreamland.

15. Dream Job

Meaning: Ideal work

Example: She finally got her dream job.

16. Dream Come True

Meaning: Realized hope

Example: Winning the award was a dream come true.

17. Walking Dream

Meaning: Not fully awake

Example: She was like a walking dream this morning.

18. Dream Big

Meaning: Aim high

Example: Parents encourage their kids to dream big.

19. Never in My Wildest Dreams

Meaning: Unimaginable

Example: Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this.

20. Dream State

Meaning: Sleep phase

Example: He often enters a dream state quickly.

Collocations Related to Dreaming

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