20 Idioms That Describe Feelings

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Idioms add color and expression to our language, especially when it comes to describing our emotions. Whether feeling elated, anxious, or downright gloomy, there’s an idiom to convey the complexity of our feelings in a vivid and relatable way. This post explores 20 popular idioms that help express emotions, each with a clear meaning and a concise example. Dive into the expressive world of idioms and discover new ways to articulate your feelings!

Idioms That Describe Feelings

1. A lump in one’s throat

Meaning: The feeling of needing to cry.

Example: He had a lump in his throat during the farewell.

2. In seventh heaven

Meaning: To be blissfully happy.

Example: He’s been in seventh heaven since the proposal.

3. Feeling blue

Meaning: To feel sad or depressed.

Example: I’ve been feeling blue lately.

4. Walking on air

Meaning: Feeling very happy or euphoric.

Example: Winning the award had him walking on air.

5. A bundle of nerves

Meaning: Very nervous or anxious.

Example: Before the interview, she was a bundle of nerves.

6. Down in the dumps

Meaning: Feeling unhappy or without hope.

Example: He’s been down in the dumps since they broke up.

7. On top of the world

Meaning: Feeling ecstatic or extremely happy.

Example: She felt on top of the world after getting the job.

8. Over the moon

Meaning: Delighted, thrilled.

Example: They were over the moon about their new home.

9. A heavy heart

Meaning: Feeling sadness or grief.

Example: With a heavy heart, he delivered the sad news.

10. Hot under the collar

Meaning: Feeling angry or agitated.

Example: The unfair criticism left him hot under the collar.

11. Like a fish out of water

Meaning: Feeling out of place or awkward.

Example: I felt like a fish out of water at the new school.

12. Under the weather

Meaning: Feeling ill or unwell.

Example: She’s staying home today, feeling under the weather.

13. Cool as a cucumber

Meaning: Very calm or composed.

Example: He was cool as a cucumber during the negotiation.

14. Shake like a leaf

Meaning: To tremble with fear or nervousness.

Example: She was shaking like a leaf during the storm.

15. At the end of one’s rope

Meaning: To be at the limit of patience or endurance.

Example: He was at the end of his rope after hours of negotiation.

16. Jump for joy

Meaning: To be extremely pleased or happy.

Example: She jumped for joy when she got the acceptance letter.

17. On cloud nine

Meaning: Feeling extremely happy or elated.

Example: After hearing the good news, she was on cloud nine.

18. Bursting with joy

Meaning: To be full of happiness.

Example: She was bursting with joy on her graduation day.

19. In a funk

Meaning: Being in a bad mood or feeling out of sorts.

Example: He’s been in a funk all week.

20. Cry one’s heart out

Meaning: To cry intensely and for a long period.

Example: She cried her heart out after the movie.

Idioms That Describe Feelings

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