Learn 20 Collocations With Verb “WAIT”

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Welcome to our blog post where we will explore 20 common idioms and phrasal verbs using the verb “wait.” Understanding these will help you enhance your English language skills and use the verb “wait” more effectively in different contexts.

1. Wait on

Meaning: Serve someone

Example: He waits on customers at the cafe.

2. Wait up

Meaning: Stay awake for someone

Example: I’ll wait up until you get home.

3. Wait around

Meaning: Stay somewhere doing nothing

Example: We waited around for hours without news.

4. Wait out

Meaning: Wait until something ends

Example: We waited out the storm in the basement.

5. Wait in

Meaning: Stay home for something

Example: She waited in for the delivery man.

6. Wait behind

Meaning: Stay after others leave

Example: He waited behind to speak to the teacher.

7. Wait for

Meaning: Anticipate something

Example: They waited for the train in the cold.

8. Wait on hand and foot

Meaning: Attend to someone completely

Example: She waits on him hand and foot daily.

9. Wait in line

Meaning: Stand in a queue

Example: We waited in line for concert tickets.

10. Wait on someone’s decision

Meaning: Await a choice

Example: We’re waiting on the boss’s decision.

11. Wait until the cows come home

Meaning: Wait forever

Example: You’ll wait until the cows come home for it.

12. Wait it out

Meaning: Endure something until it ends

Example: We have to wait it out patiently.

13. Wait one’s turn

Meaning: Be patient for your chance

Example: Everyone must wait their turn in line.

14. Wait with bated breath

Meaning: Wait anxiously

Example: They waited with bated breath for the results.

15. Wait in the wings

Meaning: Be ready to act

Example: She’s waiting in the wings for her chance.

16. Wait upon

Meaning: Serve or attend

Example: They wait upon their guests diligently.

17. Wait for the dust to settle

Meaning: Wait for a situation to calm

Example: We waited for the dust to settle after the argument.

18. Wait for the other shoe to drop

Meaning: Anticipate the next bad thing

Example: They waited for the other shoe to drop after the warning.

19. Wait for your ship to come in

Meaning: Wait for success

Example: He’s waiting for his ship to come in.

20. Wait for an eternity

Meaning: Wait a very long time

Example: It felt like we waited for an eternity.

Collocations With Verb WAIT

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