Learn 20 English Idioms Using Fruit

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English idioms enrich the language, offering colorful ways to express thoughts and emotions. Among the most vibrant idioms are those that use fruits to convey meanings not literally connected to the fruits themselves but rather to abstract ideas or qualities. These fruity expressions add flavor to conversations, making them more engaging and relatable. Here, we explore 20 delightful English idioms that incorporate fruits, providing not only their meanings but also examples to help you use them in your daily conversations.

English Idioms Using Fruit

Go bananas

Meaning: To become very angry, crazy, or enthusiastic.

Example: The crowd went bananas when the band announced their reunion on stage.

In a nutshell

Meaning: In brief; stating something concisely.

Example: To put it in a nutshell, we need to improve our customer service to increase sales.

Apple of one’s eye

Meaning: Someone who is cherished above all others.

Example: Ever since she was a child, Marie has been the apple of her grandfather’s eyes.


Meaning: To select only the best or most desirable from a group of options.

Example: The manager tended to cherry-pick team members for projects, leaving the rest feeling undervalued.

Lemon law

Meaning: A law that protects consumers from buying vehicles that fail to meet quality and performance standards.

Example: After her new car broke down several times, Jenna decided to file a claim under the lemon law.


Meaning: Something that has gone wrong or not as planned.

Example: The wedding plans went pear-shaped when the caterer backed out at the last minute.

Not my cup of tea

Meaning: Not something one likes or is interested in.

Example: I tried watching that popular sci-fi series, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

The grapevine

Meaning: A secret means of spreading information; rumors.

Example: I heard through the grapevine that she’s planning to move to New York next month.

The big apple

Meaning: A nickname for New York City, used especially by tourists or visitors.

Example: They visited the Big Apple for the first time and were amazed by its energy and skyscrapers.

Bear fruit

Meaning: To yield results, be fruitful.

Example: After months of hard work, his efforts finally began to bear fruit when he got the promotion.

Sour grapes

Meaning: Pretending to disdain something because one cannot have it.

Example: He dismissed the importance of the award, but it sounded like sour grapes to everyone since he had lost.

A plum job

Meaning: A desirable position, typically one that is well-paid and requires little work.

Example: She landed a plum job at a top tech company right after graduation.

A peach of something

Meaning: An outstanding example of something; something excellent.

Example: The lecture was a peach of a presentation, engaging from start to finish.

Nutty as a fruitcake

Meaning: To be crazy or eccentric.

Example: He’s as nutty as a fruitcake if he thinks he can wear that outfit to a formal interview.

Like apples and oranges

Meaning: Two items that cannot be validly compared because they are completely different.

Example: Comparing her singing to his is like comparing apples and oranges; both are good in different ways.

To upset the apple cart

Meaning: To ruin a plan or disturb the status quo.

Example: Just when we had everything arranged for the meeting, the late arrival of the guest speaker upset the apple cart.

Full of beans

Meaning: To be lively, energetic, and in high spirits.

Example: Even after the long trip, the kids were still full of beans.

A second bite at the cherry

Meaning: Another opportunity to achieve something or to succeed.

Example: After failing his driving test the first time, he was grateful to get a second bite at the cherry.

Watermelon sugar

Meaning: A term popularized by a song, representing something sweet, nostalgic, and evocative of summer happiness.

Example: That sunny day at the beach was pure watermelon sugar, unforgettable and full of joy.


Meaning: To try to win favor through flattery or doing nice things.

Example: He was always apple-polishing the boss, hoping to get a favorable review.

English Idioms Using Fruit

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