Explore 20 Different Ways to Say “EXACTLY”

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When trying to emphasize the accuracy or the truthfulness of a statement, “exactly” is a powerful word we often reach for. It conveys agreement, affirmation, and precision all at once.

However, relying on the same word repeatedly can feel repetitive and diminish its impact. To help keep your language vibrant and engaging, here are several alternative phrases you can use to express the same level of agreement or precision without falling into a linguistic rut.

Different Ways to Say “EXACTLY”

  1. Bang on
  2. Precisely
  3. Just so
  4. Spot on
  5. Right on the dot
  6. To the letter
  7. Dead on
  8. On the nose
  9. On the button
  10. Absolutely
  11. Without a doubt
  12. Directly
  13. Literally
  14. Squarely
  15. Truly
  16. For sure
  17. No doubt
  18. Undoubtedly
  19. On target
  20. Verbatim

Bang on

Meaning: Exactly correct or appropriate; directly on target.

Example: “Your critique of the film was bang on; it captured all the major flaws.”


Meaning: With exactness and accuracy; closely corresponding to an exact point or detail.

Example: “Your summary captured the author’s argument precisely.”

Just so

Meaning: Used to express agreement with something that has been done or said correctly.

Example: “You arranged the documents just so, which made it easy to find the one we needed.”

Spot on

Meaning: Exactly right; perfectly accurate.

Example: “Your analysis of the data was spot on—it matched the findings exactly.”

Right on the dot

Meaning: Exactly at the precise moment; punctually.

Example: “She arrived right on the dot, not a minute early or late.”

To the letter

Meaning: Following instructions, details, or directions with great precision and exactness.

Example: “He followed the recipe to the letter, and the cake turned out perfectly.”

Dead on

Meaning: Exactly correct; directly on target.

Example: “Her prediction about the sales figures was dead on.”

On the nose

Meaning: Extremely accurate; exactly correct.

Example: “Your guess was on the nose—it’s exactly what I thought!”

On the button

Meaning: Precisely correct or to the point.

Example: “Your estimate was right on the button, down to the last cent.”


Meaning: Totally and completely; used to emphasize the truth or accuracy of a statement.

Example: “I absolutely agree with your point about the need for more research.”

Without a doubt

Meaning: Certainly, or beyond question; used to stress complete agreement or certainty.

Example: “Without a doubt, this is the best solution to our problem.”


Meaning: In a straightforward and exact manner; without deviation.

Example: “She addressed the problem directly, without any hesitation.”


Meaning: In a literal manner or sense; exactly.

Example: “He literally wrote the book on the topic, so he’s the best source for accurate information.”


Meaning: Directly and firmly; in a direct and unequivocal manner.

Example: “The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the management team.”


Meaning: In a truthful and exact manner; genuinely.

Example: “She truly understands the gravity of the situation.”

For sure

Meaning: Without any doubt; certainly or definitely.

Example: “For sure, this is the clearest explanation anyone has offered.”

No doubt

Meaning: Certainly; it is clear and unquestionable.

Example: “No doubt, he is qualified for the position given his extensive experience.”


Meaning: Without doubt; certainly, implying a high degree of certainty.

Example: “Undoubtedly, this is one of the best performances of the season.”

On target

Meaning: Accurately placed or calculated; correctly aimed or predicted.

Example: “Her projections for the quarterly earnings were on target.”


Meaning: In exactly the same words as were originally used.

Example: “He quoted the lines from the play verbatim, without missing a single word.”

ways to Say EXACTLY

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