Useful Linking Words List for Essay Writing!

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Writing essays can be like putting together a puzzle. Each piece needs to connect smoothly to the others. Linking words are like the puzzle pieces that help your sentences and ideas fit together. They make your writing flow nicely and easy to understand.

Linking words, also known as transitional or connecting words, are essential elements of language that bridge ideas, sentences, and paragraphs together. They serve to establish logical connections, enhance the coherence of a text or speech, and guide readers or listeners through the flow of information.

Common examples include

  • however
  • therefore
  • in addition
  • consequently

Here’s a list of useful linking words to make your essays better and clearer, especially if you’re learning or improving your English.

Linking Words for Essays

Linking Words List (With Meaning and Example)

Below are the top 100 linking words with meaning and example sentences for each.

1) According to

Meaning: As stated by

Example: According to the rules, it’s wrong.

2) After

Meaning: Following in time

Example: After lunch, let’s walk.

3) Although

Meaning: Contradiction

Example: Although raining, we walked.

4) And

Meaning: Addition, also

Example: She sings and dances.

5) Apart from

Meaning: Except for

Example: Everyone’s here, apart from Joe.

6) As for

Meaning: Concerning

Example: As for me, I’m fine.

7) As if

Meaning: Hypothetical comparison

Example: He acts as if he’s boss.

8) As long as

Meaning: Condition

Example: I’ll go as long as you do.

9) As per

Meaning: According to

Example: As per instructions, I called.

10) As soon as

Meaning: Immediately when

Example: Leave as soon as ready.

11) As though

Meaning: Similar to ‘as if’

Example: Looks as though he’s lost.

12) As

Meaning: Comparison, similarity

Example: As I said, be careful.

13) At the expense of

Meaning: At the cost of

Example: At the expense of health, he worked hard.

14) At the height of

Meaning: At the peak of

Example: At the height of summer, it’s hot.

15) At the rate of

Meaning: According to a certain speed

Example: He’s improving at the rate of a chapter a day.

16) At the request of

Meaning: As asked by

Example: At the request of the manager, call him.

17) At the risk of

Meaning: With the danger of

Example: At the risk of sounding rude…

18) Because

Meaning: Cause, reason

Example: We left because it rained.

19) Before

Meaning: Earlier than

Example: Finish before noon.

20) Besides

Meaning: Additional argument

Example: It’s cheap, besides being convenient.

21) But

Meaning: Contradiction, opposition

Example: He’s old but active.

22) By comparison with

Meaning: Compared to

Example: By comparison with him, I’m short.

23) By means of

Meaning: Through, by using

Example: Travel by means of train.

24) By order of

Meaning: As commanded by

Example: By order of the boss, leave now.

25) By the side of

Meaning: Next to

Example: Sit by the side of your friend.

26) By virtue of

Meaning: Due to, by means of

Example: By virtue of hard work, he succeeded.

27) By way of

Meaning: Via, through

Example: Travel by way of the coast.

28) Consequently

Meaning: Result, effect

Example: He failed, consequently he’s sad.

29) Due to

Meaning: Because of

Example: Cancelled due to rain.

30) During

Meaning: Throughout the period

Example: During summer, we swim.

31) For the duration of

Meaning: During the whole time

Example: For the duration of the flight, sleep.

32) For the purpose of

Meaning: For the reason of

Example: For the purpose of research, read this.

33) For the sake of

Meaning: For the purpose of

Example: For safety’s sake, be cautious.

34) Furthermore

Meaning: Additional information

Example: It’s good, furthermore, it’s cheap.

35) However

Meaning: Contrast, opposition

Example: Rich, however, not happy.

36) In accordance with

Meaning: According to

Example: In accordance with the rules, you’re late.

37) In addition to

Meaning: Plus, also

Example: In addition to tea, bring coffee.

38) In case

Meaning: If it happens that

Example: Take an umbrella in case.

39) In contrast to

Meaning: Opposite

Example: In contrast to you, I’m tall.

40) In contrast with

Meaning: As opposed to

Example: In contrast with you, he’s punctual.

41) In lieu of

Meaning: Instead of

Example: In lieu of gifts, donate.

42) In line with

Meaning: According to, in agreement with

Example: In line with policies, he acted.

43) In order to

Meaning: Purpose, reason

Example: Study in order to pass.

44) In preference to

Meaning: Rather than

Example: I chose tea in preference to coffee.

45) In response to

Meaning: Answering

Example: In response to your question, yes.

46) In spite of

Meaning: Despite

Example: In spite of rain, we played.

47) In terms of

Meaning: With regard to

Example: In terms of price, it’s high.

48) In the absence of

Meaning: Without

Example: In the absence of evidence, he’s free.

49) In the context of

Meaning: Considering the situation

Example: In the context of budget, it’s costly.

50) In the course of

Meaning: During

Example: In the course of the day, call me.

51) In the event of

Meaning: If it happens

Example: In the event of fire, exit.

52) In the face of

Meaning: Despite

Example: In the face of danger, he’s calm.

53) In the interest of

Meaning: For the benefit of

Example: In the interest of time, let’s conclude.

54) In the light of

Meaning: Considering

Example: In the light of facts, you’re right.

55) In the meantime

Meaning: Meanwhile

Example: In the meantime, stay calm.

56) In the name of

Meaning: On behalf of

Example: In the name of the law, stop.

57) In the run-up to

Meaning: Before an event

Example: In the run-up to exams, study more.

58) In the vicinity of

Meaning: Near

Example: He lives in the vicinity of the school.

59) In the wake of

Meaning: Following

Example: In the wake of the scandal, he resigned.

60) In view of

Meaning: Considering

Example: In view of the time, let’s hurry.

61) Instead

Meaning: Alternative scenario

Example: Eat fruit, instead of candy.

62) Likewise

Meaning: Similarity, comparison

Example: She’s late, likewise her brother.

63) Meanwhile

Meaning: Simultaneous time

Example: I’ll cook, meanwhile clean.

64) Moreover

Meaning: Addition, emphasis

Example: He’s smart; moreover, he’s kind.

65) Nevertheless

Meaning: Despite that

Example: Hard; nevertheless, rewarding.

66) On a par with

Meaning: Equal to

Example: He’s on a par with experts.

67) On account of

Meaning: Because of

Example: On account of rain, the event’s off.

68) On behalf of

Meaning: Representing

Example: I speak on behalf of the team.

69) On the assumption that

Meaning: Assuming that

Example: On the assumption that he agrees, plan ahead.

70) On the basis of

Meaning: Because of

Example: On the basis of talent, he’s hired.

71) On the condition that

Meaning: Only if

Example: I’ll come, on the condition that you cook.

72) On the grounds of

Meaning: Because of

Example: On the grounds of health, eat well.

73) On the part of

Meaning: By, from

Example: It’s an error on the part of the team.

74) On the verge of

Meaning: About to

Example: On the verge of crying, she left.

75) On top of

Meaning: In addition to

Example: On top of that, he’s late.

76) Once

Meaning: When, as soon as

Example: Once finished, call me.

77) Or

Meaning: Choice, alternative

Example: Coffee or tea?

78) Otherwise

Meaning: Different condition/result

Example: Hurry, otherwise we’ll miss it.

79) Owing to

Meaning: Because of

Example: Owing to traffic, I’m late.

80) Prior to

Meaning: Before

Example: Prior to lunch, we met.

81) Regarding

Meaning: Concerning, about

Example: Regarding your request, we agree.

82) Since

Meaning: From a time, cause

Example: He’s happy since moving.

83) So

Meaning: Result, consequence

Example: It rained, so we left.

84) Subsequent to

Meaning: After

Example: Subsequent to the meeting, write notes.

85) Than

Meaning: Comparison

Example: He’s taller than me.

86) Therefore

Meaning: Result, conclusion

Example: He’s late, therefore we’ll start.

87) Though

Meaning: Despite the fact

Example: It’s hard, though worth it.

88) Thus

Meaning: Result, inference

Example: He left, thus he’s absent.

89) To the extent that

Meaning: So much that

Example: He’s lazy to the extent that he never cleans.

90) Under the guise of

Meaning: Pretending to be

Example: He came under the guise of a plumber.

91) Under the terms of

Meaning: According to

Example: Under the terms of the contract, work hard.

92) Unless

Meaning: Condition, exception

Example: You’ll fail unless you study.

93) Until

Meaning: Up to a time

Example: Wait until I return.

94) Up to

Meaning: As far as

Example: Up to you to decide.

95) Whereas

Meaning: Contrasting

Example: I’m early, whereas he’s late.

96) Whether

Meaning: Possibility, doubt

Example: I doubt whether he’ll come.

97) While

Meaning: During the same time

Example: I read while you cook.

98) With a view to

Meaning: With the intention of

Example: With a view to improving, study hard.

99) With regard to

Meaning: Regarding

Example: With regard to your query, yes.

100) Yet

Meaning: Contrast, emphasis

Example: Small, yet powerful.

Linking Words List in English

Linking Words and Phrases


– Although

– Apart from

– But for

– Despite

– Even though

– Though


– As

– Because

– In so far as

– Since

– The reason why …


– As long as

– If

– Provided that

– Unless

– Whether


– In order to

– So as to

– So that

– To

Adding Ideas

– Also

– Besides

– In addition

– Moreover

– Not only … but also

– What’s more


– As far as I’m concern

– In my opinion

– It seems to me that…

– To my mind


– As a consequence

– As a result

– Eventually

– So

– That’s why

– Therefore

– Thus


– Either … or

– Neither … nor

– Or

– Whatever

– Whoever


– But

– However

– On the one hand

– On the other hand

– Whereas

– While

– Yet

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