20 Lion Idioms in English

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Lions, often symbols of strength and courage, have inspired numerous idioms in the English language. This post explores 20 popular lion idioms, and their meanings, and provides a brief example for each.

Lion Idioms

1. As brave as a lion

Meaning: Extremely brave and courageous.

Example: He fought the illness as brave as a lion.

2. Lion’s share

Meaning: The largest part of something.

Example: She claimed the lion’s share of the cake.

3. Lion-hearted

Meaning: Exceptionally brave or courageous.

Example: The lion-hearted girl rescued the puppy.

4. Lion in the way

Meaning: An excuse for not doing something.

Example: He always sees a lion in the way.

5. Lion’s den

Meaning: A dangerous or challenging place.

Example: He walked into the meeting, a lion’s den.

6. To beard the lion

Meaning: To confront danger or a difficult task.

Example: She bearded the lion by negotiating firmly.

7. Feed to the lions

Meaning: Sacrifice someone to save oneself.

Example: He was fed to the lions at work.

8. Lionize someone

Meaning: To treat someone as a celebrity.

Example: The town lionized the returning hero warmly.

9. Like a lion

Meaning: Very strong or fierce.

Example: He fought the attacker like a lion.

10. Twist the lion’s tail

Meaning: Provoke a powerful opponent.

Example: He loves to twist the lion’s tail.

11. A lion in winter

Meaning: Someone powerful but aging.

Example: The old general was a lion in winter.

12. March comes in like a lion

Meaning: Start of March is wild, harsh.

Example: The storm proved March comes in like a lion.

13. Lion’s mouth

Meaning: Into a place of danger or challenge.

Example: He went straight into the lion’s mouth.

14. Throw to the lions

Meaning: Put someone in a very difficult situation.

Example: He was thrown to the lions during the debate.

15. Fight like a lion

Meaning: Fight very fiercely.

Example: She will fight like a lion for her rights.

16. With a lion’s courage

Meaning: With immense bravery.

Example: He faced the crowd with a lion’s courage.

17. Take the lion by the beard

Meaning: To confront or tackle a difficult situation.

Example: He took the lion by the beard decisively.

18. Lion’s paw

Meaning: A symbol of power and control.

Example: He extended a lion’s paw in negotiations.

19. Earn one’s lion

Meaning: Achieve a great accomplishment.

Example: She finally earned her lion this year.

20. The lion roars

Meaning: A declaration of power or dominance.

Example: When he speaks, the lion roars.

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Lion Idioms

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