20 Expressions with “Hold” in English

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The English language is rich with expressions and idioms that make conversations colorful and meaningful. One such versatile word is “hold.” Here are 20 expressions featuring “hold,” each with a brief explanation and an example sentence to help you grasp their usage quickly.

Expressions with “Hold”

1. Hold your horses

Meaning: Wait a moment; be patient.
Example: Hold your horses, I’m getting your book.

2. Hold the fort

Meaning: Take responsibility in someone’s absence.
Example: I’ll hold the fort while you’re away.

3. Hold water

Meaning: Remain sound, valid, or feasible.
Example: His argument doesn’t hold water at all.

4. Hold the line

Meaning: Maintain your position under pressure.
Example: Hold the line, reinforcements will come soon.

5. Hold sway

Meaning: Have great power or influence.
Example: He holds sway over the committee’s decisions.

6. Hold a grudge

Meaning: Maintain resentment; not forgive.
Example: She’s been holding a grudge for years.

7. Hold your tongue

Meaning: Refrain from speaking.
Example: Hold your tongue in such sensitive matters.

8. Hold the phone

Meaning: Wait; listen to this important information.
Example: Hold the phone, did he really say that?

9. Hold court

Meaning: Attract and hold the attention of a group.
Example: She held court at the dinner party.

10. Hold out

Meaning: Resist; not give in.
Example: He held out against all the accusations.

11. Hold up

Meaning: Delay; cause to be late.
Example: An accident held up traffic for hours.

12. Hold onto your hat

Meaning: Prepare for something surprising or exciting.
Example: Hold onto your hat, this will amaze you!

13. No holds barred

Meaning: Without restrictions; free from limitations.
Example: It was a debate with no holds barred.

14. Hold the bag

Meaning: Be left to face the consequences.
Example: He left suddenly, and I was holding the bag.

15. Hold your fire

Meaning: Stop or delay criticizing someone.
Example: Hold your fire until you hear the story.

16. Get hold of

Meaning: Obtain; gain possession of.
Example: I need to get hold of a new passport.

17. Hold one’s own

Meaning: Manage well despite difficulties.
Example: She can hold her own in any argument.

18. Hold it against someone

Meaning: Continue to blame someone for something.
Example: I won’t hold it against you this time.

19. Hold forth

Meaning: Speak at length in a pompous manner.
Example: He held forth on the flaws in their plan.

20. Hold back

Meaning: Hesitate to act or speak.
Example: Don’t hold back; express your true feelings.

Expressions with “Hold”

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