20 Expressions with “High” in English

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In everyday English, the word “high” plays a pivotal role in numerous expressions. These idioms enrich our language, providing vivid descriptions of emotions, states, and more. Here, we explore 20 common phrases incorporating “high” to enhance your English fluency.

Expressions with “High”

1. High and dry

Meaning: Left stranded or helpless
Example: The storm left us high and dry.

2. High as a kite

Meaning: Extremely intoxicated or euphoric
Example: He was acting high as a kite.

3. High hopes

Meaning: Expectations for success are strong
Example: She has high hopes for the job.

4. High spirits

Meaning: Feeling cheerful and lively
Example: They were in high spirits all day.

5. High time

Meaning: The latest acceptable moment
Example: It’s high time we met her family.

6. High roller

Meaning: Someone who spends extravagantly
Example: He’s known as a high roller here.

7. High seas

Meaning: Open, international waters
Example: Pirates roamed the high seas back then.

8. High-handed

Meaning: Using power or authority unjustly
Example: His high-handed approach upset many people.

9. High on the hog

Meaning: Living in luxury and comfort
Example: They’ve been living high on the hog.

10. High-flying

Meaning: Ambitious, successful
Example: She’s a high-flying executive at the firm.

11. High alert

Meaning: State of heightened vigilance
Example: The city was on high alert today.

12. High point

Meaning: The peak or best moment
Example: The concert was the high point.

13. High gear

Meaning: Operating at full capacity
Example: Production kicked into high gear recently.

14. High and mighty

Meaning: Arrogantly superior
Example: He acts all high and mighty.

15. High jinks

Meaning: Boisterous or rowdy fun
Example: There were high jinks at the party.

16. High-water mark

Meaning: The peak or highest point
Example: Sales hit a high-water mark in March.

17. High wire

Meaning: A risky or tense situation
Example: Negotiations felt like a high wire.

18. High-stakes

Meaning: Involving significant risks
Example: It was a high-stakes poker game.

19. High-tech

Meaning: Involving advanced technology
Example: They produce high-tech electronic devices.

20. High brow

Meaning: Pertaining to elite, intellectual interests
Example: The lecture was rather high-brow.

Expressions with “High”

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