20 Collocations with “Give” in English

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In English, collocations enhance the richness and specificity of language. This blog post explores 20 collocations with the word “give,” providing definitions and examples to help you understand and use these expressions effectively in everyday conversation.

Definition of Collocations:

Collocations are words that frequently appear together, creating combinations that native speakers typically use. These pairs or groups of words have a natural sound to them and are often used in specific contexts.

Collocations with Give:

1. Give advice

Meaning: Offer recommendations or suggestions.

Example: Always give sound advice to friends.

2. Give a try

Meaning: Attempt to do something.

Example: Let’s give it a try tomorrow.

3. Give a hand

Meaning: Help or assist someone.

Example: Can you give me a hand here?

4. Give a call

Meaning: Call someone on the telephone.

Example: I will give you a call later.

5. Give permission

Meaning: Allow someone to do something.

Example: They give permission to go ahead.

6. Give a chance

Meaning: Provide an opportunity.

Example: Give him a chance to explain.

7. Give an impression

Meaning: Cause someone to think in a certain way.

Example: She gives a professional impression.

8. Give a look

Meaning: Look at something briefly.

Example: Give it a look before deciding.

9. Give priority

Meaning: Treat something as more important.

Example: We give priority to quality.

10. Give the go-ahead

Meaning: Authorize to start something.

Example: They gave the go-ahead to begin.

11. Give the green light

Meaning: Permit to proceed with a plan.

Example: The boss gave the green light.

12. Give thought to

Meaning: Consider something carefully.

Example: Give thought to my proposal.

13. Give a boost

Meaning: Help or encourage to increase.

Example: This news will give us a boost.

14. Give credit

Meaning: Acknowledge someone’s contribution.

Example: Always give credit where it’s due.

15. Give a shout

Meaning: Call out loudly or inform.

Example: Give me a shout if you need.

16. Give a lecture

Meaning: Deliver an educational speech or talk.

Example: He will give a lecture on Friday.

17. Give a smile

Meaning: Smile at someone.

Example: She always gives a warm smile.

18. Give an answer

Meaning: Respond to a question.

Example: Please give an answer quickly.

19. Give respect

Meaning: Show honor or regard to someone.

Example: Always give respect to elders.

20. Give a surprise

Meaning: Cause unexpected pleasure or shock.

Example: He planned to give a surprise visit.

Collocations with “Give”

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