List of Emotions: Useful Words to Describe Feelings and Emotions

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about emotions. Emotions are the feelings we have, like being happy or sad. We’ll give you a list of words you can use to talk about how you feel. This is helpful for anyone learning English or trying to get better at it. We’ll keep it simple so everyone can understand.

List of Emotions

Here are popular emotion words in English.


  • Amused: I felt amused when the puppy tried to chase its tail.
  • Charmed: We were charmed by the cozy little cafĂ© downtown.
  • Content: Feeling content, he relaxed with a good book.
  • Delighted: She was delighted to receive a surprise gift from her friend.
  • Enthusiastic: He’s always enthusiastic about trying new things.
  • Glad: I’m glad we chose to spend the day at the beach.
  • Grateful: I am grateful for the support of my family.
  • Joyful: The news made them joyful and excited.
  • Loving: Their loving gesture warmed everyone’s hearts.
  • Marvelous: It was a marvelous view from the top of the hill.
  • Optimistic: She’s optimistic about finding a solution to the problem.
  • Pleased: He was pleased with the outcome of his hard work.


  • Abused: The abused animal was finally in safe hands.
  • Betrayed: He was betrayed by someone he trusted deeply.
  • Criticized: Feeling criticized, he doubted his decision.
  • Crushed: Her spirit was crushed by the continuous failures.
  • Damaged: The vase was damaged in the move, leaving her upset.
  • Forgotten: The forgotten promise made her feel unimportant.
  • Impaired: His judgment was impaired by his strong emotions.
  • Isolated: Feeling isolated, she spent the day alone in her room.
  • Jealous: She felt jealous when her friend talked about the new toy.
  • Letdown: They were let down by the cancellation of the event.
  • Punished: He felt punished by the harsh consequences of his actions.
  • Rejected: Her proposal was rejected, leaving her disheartened.
  • Shock: The sudden noise left her in shock.
  • Tender: His tender words eased her worries.
  • Wounded: She felt wounded by the harsh words spoken in anger.


  • Crushed: Her dreams were crushed by the unexpected turn of events.
  • Dejected: After the rejection, she walked away dejected.
  • Depressed: He felt depressed after the news of the job loss.
  • Desperate: In a desperate attempt, she called everyone she knew for help.
  • Disgusted: She was disgusted by the lack of cleanliness.
  • Dismayed: They were dismayed by the sudden change of plans.
  • Frustrated: Stuck in traffic, he felt increasingly frustrated.
  • Heavy: His heart felt heavy with the burden of his secret.
  • Mournful: The mournful music echoed her mood.
  • Sorrowful: The movie’s ending left him feeling sorrowful.
  • Upset: The child was upset over the broken toy.
  • Weepy: She became weepy during the heartfelt reunion.


  • Anxious: She felt anxious before the big presentation.
  • Desperate: In a desperate search, he looked everywhere for his lost keys.
  • Frozen: In the moment of fear, she was frozen in place.
  • Hurt: His words left her feeling deeply hurt.
  • Mixed up: Feeling mixed up, she couldn’t decide what to do next.
  • Stuck: She felt stuck in her current job with no way out.
  • Stunned: I was stunned by the unexpected surprise.
  • Troubled: He looked troubled after reading the news.
  • Uncomfortable: The crowded room made her feel uncomfortable.
  • Unsure: He was unsure which path to choose at the crossroads.


  • Ambitious: Her ambitious goals set a high bar for the team.
  • Bold: Her bold ideas were always the highlight of the meeting.
  • Certain: She was certain that she had made the right decision.
  • Confident: He walked into the room confident that he would win the debate.
  • Determined: Determined to succeed, she studied late into the night.
  • Dynamic: She approached the project with a dynamic energy that inspired the whole team.
  • Empowered: After the workshop, she felt empowered to take on new challenges.
  • Hardy: The hardy plant survived even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Powerful: The speech was so powerful that it moved everyone to tears.
  • Secure: Feeling secure in her new home, she slept peacefully.
  • Sure: He was sure of his answer, without a hint of doubt.
  • Tenacious: His tenacious pursuit of excellence earned him the top award.
  • Unique: His unique approach to the problem set him apart from the rest.


  • Creative: She felt creative after rearranging her workspace.
  • Determined: With a determined spirit, she tackled the challenging task.
  • Focused: She was focused on her goal, undistracted by the noise around her.
  • Healthy: After a week of eating well and exercising, he felt healthy and energetic.
  • Inspired: The beautiful sunset left him feeling inspired to paint.
  • Invigorated: The morning run left her feeling invigorated for the day ahead.
  • Motivated: The success story of the young entrepreneur left him feeling motivated.
  • Refreshed: After a short nap, she felt refreshed and ready to continue her work.
  • Renewed: The holiday gave her a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Strengthened: After the team-building exercise, they felt strengthened as a unit.
  • Vibrant: The lively music made the atmosphere feel vibrant and energetic.


  • Agitated: She felt agitated after the heated discussion.
  • Annoyed: He was annoyed by the constant buzzing of the mosquito.
  • Bitter: The bitter memories made it hard for her to move on.
  • Critical: She was in a critical mood, finding fault with everything.
  • Disgusted: They were disgusted by the lack of hygiene in the kitchen.
  • Fed up: They were fed up with the delays and excuses.
  • Furious: She was furious when she found out her work had been copied.
  • Irritated: She was irritated by the scratchy label on her shirt.
  • Livid: He was livid when he saw the damage to his car.
  • Mad: He got mad when he missed the bus again.
  • Outraged: The community was outraged by the decision to close the local park.
  • Raging: Inside, he was raging over the unfair treatment.
  • Resentful: He felt resentful of having to work late while others left early.


  • Doubtful: She was doubtful of her chances to win the competition.
  • Embarrassed: He was embarrassed after tripping in front of everyone.
  • Hesitant: She was hesitant to dive into the cold pool.
  • Indecisive: He was indecisive about which movie to watch.
  • Lost: He looked lost in the big city streets.
  • Perplexed: The puzzle left her feeling perplexed.
  • Pessimistic: He felt pessimistic about finding a solution.
  • Shy: She felt shy around the new people at the party.
  • Tense: The room was tense before the big announcement.
  • Uncertain: They were uncertain about the weather for the picnic.
  • Unsure: She was unsure which answer to choose on the test.
  • Upset: He was upset about the broken toy.


  • Ashamed: He was ashamed of his mistake.
  • Confused: The instructions left her confused.
  • Guilty: She felt guilty for arriving late.
  • Inferior: Next to the experts, she felt inferior.
  • Isolated: She felt isolated in the new city.
  • Lonely: The empty house made him feel lonely.
  • Pathetic: Her attempts seemed pathetic to her.
  • Repugnant: The idea was repugnant to him.
  • Self-conscious: He became self-conscious when everyone stared.


  • Accepted: He was accepted into the group without question.
  • Appreciated: Her help was greatly appreciated by everyone in the team.
  • Befriended: He befriended the new student, making him feel welcome.
  • Blessed: She felt blessed to have such supportive friends.
  • Cherished: The cherished gift from her grandmother always made her smile.
  • Commended: His bravery was commended by the community.
  • Empowered: The course left her feeling empowered to start her own business.
  • Healed: With time, his heart healed from the sorrow.
  • Loved: The puppy felt loved in its new home.
  • Saved: The timely advice saved him from making a big mistake.
  • Understood: For the first time, she felt truly understood by someone.


  • Assured: He was assured by her confident nod.
  • Brave: The brave child stood up to the bully.
  • Certain: She was certain they had taken the right path.
  • Comforted: The warm blanket left her feeling comforted.
  • Encouraged: The team felt encouraged by the early results.
  • Forgiven: She felt forgiven after the heartfelt apology.
  • Peaceful: The quiet morning brought a peaceful start to the day.
  • Prepared: They were prepared for the challenging hike ahead.
  • Relaxed: On vacation, he felt completely relaxed.
  • Secure: Locked doors made the residents feel secure.
  • Strong: She felt strong after completing the marathon.
  • Successful: The project was successful, exceeding all expectations.
  • Valuable: His advice proved valuable in making the decision.


  • Bored: She felt bored during the long lecture.
  • Burned out: Working non-stop, he finally felt burned out.
  • Dejected: After the loss, the team felt dejected.
  • Drained: After the marathon, he was completely drained.
  • Dull: The party was dull without any music or games.
  • Exhausted: They were exhausted after the three-day hike.
  • Fatigued: The long drive left her feeling fatigued.
  • Indifferent: He was indifferent to the choice between tea or coffee.
  • Listless: The hot day left her feeling listless and unmotivated.
  • Powerless: Feeling powerless, he watched the storm approach.
  • Stale: The air in the room felt stale and unmoving.
  • Weary: She was weary from the constant noise in the city.

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List of Emotions

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