50 Slang Words with Meanings (2024)

Welcome, English learners! Do you ever feel puzzled when native speakers use slang words? You’re not alone! In this blog post, we’re here to help you understand and use slang words effortlessly. We’ll provide meanings and real-life examples to make your journey to mastering English slang a breeze. Let’s get started!

What are Slang Words?

Slang words are informal and non-standard words or phrases used in everyday language by specific groups or communities. They add color and flavor to conversations, making them more exciting and relatable. Learning slang is essential for understanding informal communication and immersing oneself in a language’s culture and nuances.

List of Slang Words

Here is the list of the most useful slang words in English with their meanings:

1) Ghosting

Meaning: Suddenly stopping all communication without explanation.

Example: I thought our date went well, but then he totally ghosted me.

2) Lit

Meaning: Amazing, exciting, or fun.

Example: Last night’s party was absolutely lit!

3) Salty

Meaning: Being upset or bitter.

Example: She’s still salty about not being invited to the wedding.

4) Flex

Meaning: To show off.

Example: He’s just trying to flex with his new sports car.

5) Simp

Meaning: Someone who does too much for someone they like.

Example: He’s such a simp for buying her expensive gifts all the time.

6) Yeet

Meaning: To throw something with force.

Example: I’m going to yeet this ball across the park.

7) Lowkey

Meaning: Something you’re mildly interested in or doing something quietly.

Example: I’m lowkey excited about the new movie.

8) Highkey

Meaning: Very obvious or intense.

Example: I’m highkey stressed about the exam.

9) Slay

Meaning: To do something very well.

Example: She slays every performance she’s in.

10) Extra

Meaning: Over the top or dramatic.

Example: He’s being so extra with his outfit today.

11) Vibe/Vibing

Meaning: A feeling or atmosphere; to get along well.

Example: We’re just vibing to some old-school music.

12) Stan

Meaning: A very passionate fan.

Example: I stan this band so hard, I’ve been to all their concerts.

13) Spill the tea

Meaning: Share the gossip or latest news.

Example: Come on, spill the tea about your date last night!

14) FOMO

Meaning: Fear of missing out.

Example: I have serious FOMO when I see their vacation photos.

15) Snack

Meaning: Someone who looks very attractive.

Example: Did you see her today? She’s a total snack!

16) Gucci

Meaning: Good or cool.

Example: Everything’s Gucci, don’t worry about it.

17) Woke

Meaning: Being aware of social injustices.

Example: His new book shows that he’s really woke about environmental issues.

18) Cancel

Meaning: Boycotting someone (usually a celebrity) for problematic behavior.

Example: After those tweets, he’s definitely canceled.

19) Savage

Meaning: Ruthless or brutally honest.

Example: Her comeback was so savage, I couldn’t believe it.

20) Thirsty

Meaning: Desperate for attention, especially on social media.

Example: Posting those photos just because you’re thirsty for likes is not cool.

21) Cap/No Cap

Meaning: Lying/Not lying.

Example: I won the game, no cap.

22) On Fleek

Meaning: Perfectly executed or styled.

Example: Your outfit is on fleek today!

23) Mood

Meaning: Relatable or expressing a specific feeling.

Example: This song is such a mood.

24) Boujee

Meaning: Luxurious or high-class.

Example: She has such a boujee taste in clothes.

25) Hypebeast

Meaning: Someone who is obsessed with trendy brands.

Example: He’s such a hypebeast, always wearing the latest sneakers.

26) Clout

Meaning: Influence or fame, especially on social media.

Example: She’s chasing clout with her controversial posts.

27) Sus

Meaning: Suspicious or untrustworthy.

Example: I don’t know, his story sounds sus to me.

28) GOAT

Meaning: Greatest of all time.

Example: He’s the GOAT when it comes to basketball.

29) Shook

Meaning: Shocked or surprised.

Example: I was shook when I heard the news.

30) Tea

Meaning: Gossip or juicy information.

Example: I just heard some tea about our neighbors!

31) Dead

Meaning: Overwhelmed by amusement or disbelief.

Example: That joke had me dead.

32) Fire

Meaning: Very cool or trendy.

Example: That mixtape is straight fire.

33) Bae

Meaning: A term of endearment, short for baby.

Example: I’m going out with bae tonight.

34) Dope

Meaning: Cool or awesome.

Example: Your new bike looks dope!

35) Drag

Meaning: To criticize or mock someone.

Example: She totally dragged him on Twitter.

36) Finna

Meaning: Fixing to; planning to do something.

Example: I’m finna start a new workout routine.

37) Flexitarian

Meaning: Someone who mostly, but not strictly, eats vegetarian.

Example: I’m not a full vegetarian, more of a flexitarian.

38) G.O.A.T.

Meaning: Greatest of all time.

Example: In my opinion, she’s the G.O.A.T. of tennis.

39) Ghost

Meaning: To end a relationship by suddenly cutting off all contact.

Example: He didn’t even say goodbye, he just ghosted her.

40) Hangry

Meaning: Irritable or angry because of hunger.

Example: I need to eat something soon; I’m getting hangry.


Meaning: In case you missed it.

Example: ICYMI, here’s the link to the article I mentioned.

42) JOMO

Meaning: Joy of missing out.

Example: I’m experiencing some serious JOMO staying in tonight.

43) Kudos

Meaning: Praise or congratulations.

Example: Kudos to you for finishing the marathon!

44) Lowkey

Meaning: Moderately; secretly.

Example: I’m lowkey excited about the surprise party.

45) Meme

Meaning: A humorous image, video, or text that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users.

Example: That meme you sent me was hilarious.

46) NBD

Meaning: No big deal.

Example: I can fix this, NBD.

47) OMG

Meaning: Oh my god; an expression of surprise or excitement.

Example: OMG, I can’t believe you’re here!

48) Pleb

Meaning: An ordinary person, especially one from the lower social classes.

Example: Don’t be such a pleb and just enjoy the opera.

49) QT

Meaning: Cutie.

Example: Did you see the new guy in the office? He’s a real QT.

50) Receipts

Meaning: Proof or evidence.

Example: If you’re going to accuse him, you better have the receipts.

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