Explore 20 Movie Expressions in English

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These expressions are inspired by the fascinating world of cinema and help us relate everyday life to the magical realm of movies.

Movie Expressions

  1. Break a leg
    Meaning: Wish someone good luck.
    Example: Break a leg at your audition!
  2. In the limelight
    Meaning: Attract public attention or fame.
    Example: The singer is constantly in the limelight.
  3. Show must go on
    Meaning: Keep going despite difficulties.
    Example: Despite the rain, the show must go on.
  4. Star-studded
    Meaning: Filled with famous people.
    Example: The premiere was a star-studded event.
  5. Steal the show
    Meaning: Be the main attraction.
    Example: Her performance stole the show.
  6. Make a scene
    Meaning: Cause a public disturbance.
    Example: Please don’t make a scene here.
  7. Be in the picture
    Meaning: Be involved in a situation.
    Example: I wasn’t in the picture then.
  8. Scene-stealer
    Meaning: An actor or character who stands out.
    Example: The villain was a scene-stealer.
  9. In character
    Meaning: Behave like a specific role.
    Example: He stayed in character throughout the film.
  10. Cut to the chase
    Meaning: Get to the point quickly.
    Example: Let’s cut to the chase in this meeting.
  11. Pull the strings
    Meaning: Control from behind the scenes.
    Example: He pulls the strings in the company.
  12. Box office hit
    Meaning: A very successful film financially.
    Example: The latest superhero movie is a box office hit.
  13. Cue the music
    Meaning: Start playing music.
    Example: Cue the music for the opening scene.
  14. Double feature
    Meaning: Two films shown consecutively.
    Example: Let’s catch the double feature tonight.
  15. Scripted
    Meaning: Pre-planned or rehearsed.
    Example: Their conversation seemed scripted.
  16. Behind the scenes
    Meaning: Away from public view.
    Example: The crew works hard behind the scenes.
  17. Cast the first stone
    Meaning: Be the first to criticize.
    Example: Don’t cast the first stone unless you’re perfect.
  18. Play a role
    Meaning: Contribute to a situation.
    Example: Education plays a role in development.
  19. Have a starring role
    Meaning: Have a major impact or contribution.
    Example: He had a starring role in the project.
  20. Director’s cut
    Meaning: A version preferred by the director.
    Example: The director’s cut adds deleted scenes.

movie expressions

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