Explore 20 Language Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to describe learning, speaking, and understanding languages.

Language Expressions

  1. Pick up a language
    • Meaning: Learn a language naturally.
    • Example: She picked up Spanish during her travels.
  2. Brush up on
    • Meaning: Review or improve skills.
    • Example: He brushed up on his French.
  3. Speak fluently
    • Meaning: Speak a language smoothly and easily.
    • Example: She speaks German fluently.
  4. Get the hang of
    • Meaning: Understand and master something.
    • Example: He finally got the hang of Russian.
  5. Break down
    • Meaning: Simplify a complex concept.
    • Example: She broke down grammar rules for beginners.
  6. Translate into
    • Meaning: Convert from one language to another.
    • Example: Please translate this document into French.
  7. Talk the talk
    • Meaning: Speak confidently using specific jargon.
    • Example: She talks the talk when discussing linguistics.
  8. Come across
    • Meaning: Be understood or perceived in a certain way.
    • Example: His accent comes across clearly.
  9. Switch languages
    • Meaning: Change from one language to another.
    • Example: They switch languages effortlessly in conversation.
  10. Master a language
    • Meaning: Learn and use a language perfectly.
    • Example: He’s mastered Japanese in five years.
  11. Get by in
    • Meaning: Have basic skills to communicate.
    • Example: I can get by in Italian.
  12. Converse in
    • Meaning: Hold conversations using a particular language.
    • Example: She can converse in Spanish fluently.
  13. Talk over someone’s head
    • Meaning: Use language too complex to understand.
    • Example: His technical jargon goes over my head.
  14. Pick out
    • Meaning: Identify or recognize specific words.
    • Example: She can pick out familiar vocabulary.
  15. Make out
    • Meaning: Understand with difficulty.
    • Example: I could barely make out their accent.
  16. Phrase in
    • Meaning: Express something using specific words.
    • Example: Please phrase your question in English.
  17. Put across
    • Meaning: Convey ideas or meanings clearly.
    • Example: She puts her point across effectively.
  18. Hit the nail on the head
    • Meaning: Say something accurately or precisely.
    • Example: His translation hit the nail on the head.
  19. Chew over
    • Meaning: Discuss or think deeply about.
    • Example: Let’s chew over the meaning of this idiom.
  20. Spell out
    • Meaning: Make something very clear.
    • Example: He spelled out the language rules.

language expressions

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