Explore 20 Music Expressions in English

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These expressions are used to convey emotions, actions, and thoughts related to music in everyday conversation. Dive into these idioms and phrasal verbs that will resonate harmoniously!

Music Expressions

  1. Face the music
    Meaning: Accept consequences for actions.
    Example: You’ll have to face the music soon.
  2. Blow your own trumpet
    Meaning: Brag about personal achievements.
    Example: Don’t blow your own trumpet too much!
  3. Change your tune
    Meaning: Alter your opinion or attitude.
    Example: After the apology, he changed his tune.
  4. Call the tune
    Meaning: Be in control or in charge.
    Example: As the manager, she calls the tune.
  5. It takes two to tango
    Meaning: Both parties share responsibility.
    Example: It’s clear it takes two to tango.
  6. Blow the whistle
    Meaning: Expose wrongdoing or illegal acts.
    Example: He blew the whistle on corrupt practices.
  7. Jazz something up
    Meaning: Make something more exciting.
    Example: Let’s jazz up the presentation.
  8. Fine-tune
    Meaning: Make small adjustments for improvement.
    Example: He needs to fine-tune his skills.
  9. Drum up
    Meaning: Increase support or interest.
    Example: The campaign aims to drum up support.
  10. In harmony
    Meaning: In agreement or accord.
    Example: The team is working in harmony.
  11. Off-key
    Meaning: Not fitting or suitable; inappropriate.
    Example: His joke was off-key at dinner.
  12. Music to my ears
    Meaning: Pleasant to hear or know.
    Example: Your promotion news is music to my ears.
  13. Blow a fuse
    Meaning: Lose your temper suddenly.
    Example: She blew a fuse after the accident.
  14. Sing from the same hymn sheet
    Meaning: Share the same ideas or opinions.
    Example: The partners sing from the same hymn sheet.
  15. Strike a chord
    Meaning: Resonate with someone emotionally.
    Example: Her story struck a chord with me.
  16. Play second fiddle
    Meaning: Be in a subordinate position.
    Example: He hated playing second fiddle to anyone.
  17. Drum something into someone’s head
    Meaning: Emphasize something repeatedly.
    Example: The teacher drummed safety rules into us.
  18. Sing someone’s praises
    Meaning: Compliment someone enthusiastically.
    Example: His colleagues sang his praises.
  19. Tune in
    Meaning: Listen to or watch a broadcast.
    Example: Tune in to the morning show.
  20. Strike up
    Meaning: Start playing music or talking.
    Example: He struck up a conversation with her.

music expressions

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