Phrasal Verbs with Along

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Phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English language, offering a dynamic way to express ideas. In this blog post, we’ll focus on phrasal verbs with “along,” which can help expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills. Understanding these phrases will make your English more fluent and versatile.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Along:

  1. Go along
  2. Come along
  3. Get along
  4. Bring along
  5. Tag along
  6. Move along
  7. Sing along
  8. Play along
  9. Walk along
  10. Carry along
  11. Run along
  12. Pull along
  13. Come along with
  14. String along
  15. Take along
  16. Sail along
  17. Keep along
  18. Push along
  19. Slip along
  20. Drive along

Phrasal Verbs With Along and Their Meanings

Go along

Meaning: To proceed or move forward.

Example: Let’s go along with the plan and see how it works.

Come along

Meaning: To accompany someone or progress.

Example: Why don’t you come along with us to the beach this weekend?

Get along

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone.

Example: Despite their differences, they get along very well.

Bring along

Meaning: To bring someone or something with you.

Example: Don’t forget to bring along a jacket in case it gets cold.

Tag along

Meaning: To follow someone closely, often uninvited.

Example: My little brother always wants to tag along when I go out with my friends.

Move along

Meaning: To progress or continue moving.

Example: The police asked the crowd to move along after the concert.

Sing along

Meaning: To sing with someone or to music that is playing.

Example: Everyone started to sing along to their favorite song.

Play along

Meaning: To pretend to agree or cooperate.

Example: He knew they were joking, but he decided to play along.

Walk along

Meaning: To walk beside or along something.

Example: We decided to walk along the river bank.

Carry along

Meaning: To take someone or something with you.

Example: She always carries along her camera during trips.

Run along

Meaning: To leave or go away.

Example: You’d better run along now if you don’t want to be late for class.

Pull along

Meaning: To move something by pulling it.

Example: The tractor was used to pull along the broken-down car.

Come along with

Meaning: To accompany someone.

Example: I’d like to come along with you to the party.

String along

Meaning: To deceive or mislead someone.

Example: She realized he had been stringing her along with false promises.

Take along

Meaning: To bring something or someone with you.

Example: I’ll take along my new book for the journey.

Sail along

Meaning: To travel smoothly and easily, often by water.

Example: They sailed along the coast enjoying the breeze.

Keep along

Meaning: To continue along a path or direction.

Example: Just keep along this road until you see the sign.

Push along

Meaning: To move forward or continue with effort.

Example: Despite the obstacles, they decided to push along with their project.

Slip along

Meaning: To move quietly and quickly.

Example: The fox slipped along the fence unnoticed.

Drive along

Meaning: To travel by driving.

Example: They drove along the highway until they found a rest stop.

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